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Financial Plans Guidance

Attachment B - Sample Letter of Certification

Sample State's Letterhead
Letter Of Certification

The (State) Transportation Department has developed a comprehensive Financial Plan for Project X in accordance with the requirements of Section 106, Title 23, and the Financial Plan guidance issued by the Federal Highway Administration. The plan provides detailed cost estimates to complete the project and the estimates of financial resources to be utilized to fully finance the project.

The cost data in the Financial Plan provide an accurate accounting of costs incurred to date and include a realistic estimate of future costs based on engineers estimates and expected construction cost escalation factors. While the estimates of financial resources rely upon assumptions regarding future economic conditions and demographic variables, they represent realistic, estimates of available monies to fully fund the project.

We believe the Financial Plan provides an accurate basis upon which to schedule and fund Project X. The Department will review and update the financial plan on an annual basis.

To the best of our knowledge and belief, the Financial Plan as submitted herewith, fairly and accurately presents the financial position of Project X, cash flows, and expected conditions for the project's life cycle. The financial forecasts in the Financial Plan are based on our judgment of the expected project conditions and our expected course of action. We believe that the assumptions underlying the Financial Plan are reasonable and appropriate. Further, we have made available all significant information that we believe is relevant to the Financial Plan and, to the best of our knowledge and belief, the documents and records supporting the assumptions are appropriate.


Chief Executive Officer



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