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TIFIA Portfolio

TIFIA Number Project Project Type Project Cost Instrument Type Credit Amount Primary Revenue Pledge
Active Credit Agreements
19991002B Miami Intermodal Center Intermodal 2,043 Direct Loan 270.000 User Charges
20011001 Central Texas Turnpike System Highway 3,250 Direct Loan 900.000 User Charges
20031002 a South Bay Expressway (formerly SR 125 South)  Highway 658 Direct Loan 140.000 User Charges
20061001 Interlink (formerly Warwick Intermodal Station) Intermodal 280 Direct Loan 40.060 User Charges
20071004A I-495 Capital Beltway HOT Lanes Highway 1,938 Direct Loan 588.923 User Charges
20071002A SH 130 (Segments 5-6) Highway 1,328 Direct Loan 430.000 User Charges
20061002A Intercounty Connector Highway 2,566 Direct Loan 516.000 User Charges
20081002A I-595 Corridor Roadway Improvements Highway 1,834 Direct Loan 603.441 Availability Payments
20081004A Triangle Expressway Highway 1,172 Direct Loan 386.662 User Charges
20081008A Port of Miami Tunnel Highway 1,073 Direct Loan 341.038 Availability Payments
20081001A North Tarrant Express (Segments 1 and 2A) Highway 2,047 Direct Loan 650.000 User Charges
20081007A Transbay Transit Center Transit 1,189 Direct Loan 171.000 Real Estate Tax Increment
20071006A IH 635 Managed Lanes Highway 2,615 Direct Loan 850.000 User Charges
20101001A Denver Union Station Project Intermodal 519 Direct Loan 145.600 Sales Tax/Real Estate Tax Increment
20091001A President George Bush Turnpike Western Extension (SH 161) Highway 1,268 Direct Loan 418.405 User Charges
20111001A U.S. 36 Managed Lane/Bus Rapid Transit Project: Phase 1   b Highway 306 Direct Loan 54.000 User Charges
20111003A Eagle Project Transit 2,047 Direct Loan 280.000 Tax Revenues
20111004A Midtown Tunnel Project Highway 2,089 Direct Loan 422.000 User Charges
20111002A Presidio Parkway Project  c Highway 852 Direct Loan 150.000 Availability Payments
20111005A Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor  Transit 1,749 Direct Loan 545.900 Sales Tax Revenues
20121001A SR 520 Floating Bridge  and Eastside Plus West Approach Project Highway 2,736 Direct Loan 300.000 User Charges
20121002A I-95 HOV/Hot Lanes Project Highway 923 Direct Loan 300.000 User Charges
20121003A Dallas Area Rapid Transit Project Orange Line Extension (I-3) Transit 397 Direct Loan 120.000 Sales Tax Revenues
20131004A Riverwalk Expansion/Wacker Drive Reconstruction Project Highway 419 Direct Loan 98.660 Motor Fuel Tax and Project Revenues
20121006A SR 91 Corridor Improvement Project Highway 1,279 Direct Loan 421.054 User Charges
20131006A Chicago O'Hare International Airport Consolidated Joint Use Facility Intermodal 876 Direct Loan 288.100 User Charges and Facility  Rents
20131002A North Tarrant Express (Segments 3A and 3B) Highway 1,638 Direct Loan 531.000 User Charges
20121004A Goethals Bridge Replacement Project  Highway 1,436 Direct Loan 473.674 Availability Payments
20131007A LA 1 Improvements  Highway 372 Direct Loan 122.000 State Appropriations
20131010A Ohio River Bridges Downtown Crossing Highway 1,452 Direct Loan 452.200 User Charges
20131012A Northwest Corridor Highway 834 Direct Loan 275.000 User Charges
20131013A New NY Bridge (Tappen Zee Bridge) Replacement Highway 4,959 Direct Loan 1,600.000 Project Revenues
20131011A Grand Parkway (SH 99) Segments D–G Highway 2,941 Direct Loan 840.645 Toll Revenues
20131008A Regional Connector Transit Corridor Project Transit 1,399 Direct Loan 160.000 Sales Tax Revenues
20131005A U.S. 36 Managed Lane/Bus Rapid Transit Project: Phase 2   b Highway 170 Direct Loan 60.000 User Charges
20131003A CTA 95th Street Terminal Improvement Project Transit 240 Direct Loan 79.200 Farebox Revenues
20131009A Westside Purple Line Extension, Section 1 Transit 2,648 Direct Loan 856.000 Sales Tax Revenues
20141001A Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Highway / Bridge 1,288 Direct Loan 325.000 Port Revenues
20141002A Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project - MWAA Transit 5,684 Direct Loan 1,278.000 Toll Revenues
20141005A I-4 Ultimate Project Highway 2,877 Direct Loan 949.465 Availability Payments
Subtotal     $65,390   $17,433.027  
Retired/Sold Credit Agreements
20061003A Pocahontas Parkway / Richmond Airport Connector Highway 597 Direct Loan 150.000 User Charges
20051002 LA 1 Improvements  (retired through refinancing) Highway d Direct Loan 66.000 User Charges
20051001 183-A Turnpike Highway 305 Direct Loan 66.000 User Charges
19991005 Washington Metro Capital Improvement Program  Transit 2,324 Guarantee 600.000 Interjurisdictional Funding Agreements
19991006 Tren Urbano (PR) Transit 2,250 Direct Loan 300.000 Tax Revenues
20001003 Cooper River Bridge Replacement Highway 675 Direct Loan 215.000 Infrastructure Bank Loan Repayments
20001004 Staten Island Ferries and Terminals Transit 482 Direct Loan 159.225 Tobacco Settlement Revenues
20011002A Reno Transportation Rail Access Corridor (ReTRAC) Intermodal 280 Direct Loan 50.500 Room and Sales Tax
19991002A Miami Intermodal Center Intermodal e Direct Loan 269.000 Tax Revenues
Subtotal     $6,913   $1,875.725  
Total Approved   $72,303   $19,308.752  

As of 09/12/2014


a SBX is in three notes: Tranche A in the amount of $59,100,809.63, Tranche B in the amount of $32,341,804.28, and Tranche D in the amount of $2,740,895.56

b The TIFIA Project includes both Phases 1 and 2

c Presidio project costs ($852 million) include Phases 1 and 2 and credit amount is based on two tranches of TIFIA debt

d Project Cost included in TIFIA Number 20131007A

e Project Cost included in TIFIA Number 19991002B

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