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Livability Videos

These videos examine the six livability principles developed by the Partnership for Sustainable Communities from the perspective of local, rural, and regional agencies.

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Provide more transportation choices. Develop safe, reliable, and economical transportation choices to decrease household transportation costs, reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil, improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and promote public health.

Julio Portillo Q5 video Ron Townley Q2 video
Julio Portillo Q5
Ron Townley Q2

Promote equitable, affordable housing. Expand location- and energy-efficient housing choices for people of all ages, incomes, races, and ethnicities to increase mobility and lower the combined cost of housing and transportation.

Shawn Seager Q4 video
Shawn Seager Q4

Enhance economic competitiveness. Improve economic competitiveness through reliable and timely access to employment centers, educational opportunities, services and other basic needs by workers, as well as expanded business access to markets.

Jake Gilmer Q5 video Shawn Seager Q2 video Mitch Poulsen video Doug Elliot video
Jake Gilmer Q5
Shawn Seager Q2
Mitch Poulsen Q6
Doug Elliott Q4

Support existing communities. Target federal funding toward existing communities-through strategies like transit-oriented, mixed-use development and land recycling - to increase community revitalization and the efficiency of public works investments and safeguard rural landscapes.

Natalie Murdock Q2 video Shawn Seager Q3 video Jake Gilmer Q3 video
Natalie Murdock Q2
Shawn Seager Q3
Jake Gilmer Q3

Coordinate and leverage federal policies and investment. Align federal policies and funding to remove barriers to collaboration, leverage funding, and increase the accountability and effectiveness of all levels of government to plan for future growth, including making smart energy choices such as locally generated renewable energy.

Rita Seto Q6 video Hanna Cockburn Q2 video
Rita Seto Q6
Hanna Cockburn Q2

Value communities and neighborhoods. Enhance the unique characteristics of all communities by investing in healthy, safe, and walkable neighborhoods—rural, urban, or suburban.

Amy Kessler Q6 video Julio Portillo Q4 SafeRoutes video Allison Beasley Q2 video Mitch Poulsen Q2 video Jake Gilmer Q2 video
Amy Kessler Q6
Julio Portillo Q4
Allison Beasley Q2
Mitch Poulsen Q2
Jake Gilmer Q2
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