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New Jersey Division Organization Chart

Division Administrator

The Division Administrator is the principal representative of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and is responsible for administering the total Federal-aid highway program in the State. The Division Administrator is responsible for providing leadership and guidance to State and local officials in identifying surface transportation needs and related priorities which, when implemented, carry out national transportation and safety program goals. The Division Administrator is responsible for establishing Division office objectives, priorities and timetables that will meet the agency's goals and maximize available staff resources and funding. The Division Administrator has total authority to commit Federal-aid funds for highway programs and to ensure that programs and projects using these funds comply with applicable Federal and State laws, regulations and policies.

Assistant Division Administrator

The Assistant Division Administrator shares responsibility with the Division Administrator for the operation of the Division office. In the absence of the Division Administrator, the Assistant assumes the duties and responsibilities of the Division Administrator for administering the Federal-aid program in New Jersey. The Assistant Division Administrator provides guidance to the Division office's top management - known as the "senior staff" - and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the office.

Financial Management Team

The Financial Management Team is responsible for the administration of FHWA grants management and other accounting and administrative systems. The Team reviews and processes State requests for reimbursement of Federal-aid funds and provides advice and assistance to the New Jersey Department of Transportation and other recipients of Federal-aid funds on matters involving innovative financing of transportation programs and projects, and the improvement and streamlining of financial and administrative processes to enhance the stewardship of the Federal Highway program. The team further serves internal customers in matters of operating budget administration, procurement, travel assistance, funds management, and information technology support.

Planning and Environment Team

The Planning and Environment Team provides advice, guidance and authorization on FHWA-State-local transportation planning, congestion planning, management systems, research, realty, and program matters. The team coordinates technical, administrative and authoritative guidance to the State, Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and local officials in the direction and execution of their transportation planning. Planning includes the integration of the transportation and air quality planning processes, and aiding MPOs in the development of both long and short range plans. These plans are coordinated with the development of the transportation control measures for the State Implementation Plan, the Statewide Long Range Plan and the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program. Research activities include projects implemented by the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT), statewide universities, and through National and regional research pools.

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Project Delivery Team

The Project Delivery Team provides support for the Federal-aid program. All plans for Federal-aid projects on the National Highway System are reviewed and approved to ensure the appropriate design standards are met, or are certified by the NJDOT as having met the appropriate design standards. Involvement by the Project Delivery Team is based on Risk based Stewardship and Oversight requirements as agreed to with the NJDOT. The Team performs design reviews of Federal-aid projects to assure that appropriate standards and environmental processes are met. In addition, the Team performs field reviews during construction to ensure that the plans and specifications are followed and evaluates and approves actions on construction issues, extra work and change orders. Final inspections are performed to ensure the quality of the completed project and quantity of material and other construction items are properly documented. The Project Delivery Team also has primary responsibility for overseeing the State’s Local Aid and Economic Development Division. The Team also provides project, program, and technical assistance to the State and Local Public Agencies (LPAs) as it pertains to NJDOT's administration of the Federal-Aid Highway Program for local projects.

Technical Services Team

The Technical Services team provides program administration and technical assistance in the areas of Safety, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), and Structures.  The Safety and ITS components of the team provide technical assistance and leadership in the areas of roadway safety, the MUTCD, traffic operations and management systems, ITS, emergency preparedness, and facilitating technology deployment.  In this capacity, the team is responsible for promoting new products, advancing technologies used in planning and design, and improving the safety and mobility of our transportation system.  The team also provides guidance, policy, program assistance and interpretation, and overall coordination of Federal Highway Safety and Traffic Operations programs with the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT), other FHWA offices, state and local agencies, metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs), and Universities.  The Structural component of the team is responsible for the engineering determinations in a specialist capacity for the adequacy, suitability, and completeness of bridges, tunnels, and other structures under the Federal-aid program.  This includes the planning, coordination, review, promotion, and provisions of leadership in the administration of the design, construction, and maintenance programs in the area of highway structures in New Jersey. The team provides guidance on the Highway Bridge Program, which provides funding to address deficient bridges, and ensures that the NJDOT is in compliance with the National Bridge Inspection Standards”.

Program Support Team

The Program Support Team (PST) assists in administering a number of key internal Division functions, and coordinates engineering and quality document production for the New Jersey Division. The team provides internal and external coordination for policy development related to new legislation, regulations and FHWA guidance. The team oversees new and emerging local program issues with our state partner, NJDOT. The PST leads the Division’s performance planning, risk assessment and performance management initiatives. The PST manages and coordinates daily Division functions including: budget, employee training and work space needs, office supplies, office equipment and official travel.

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