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Staff Directory

Federal Aid: (518) 431-4127
Fax Machine: (518) 431-4121
General E-mail Information: NewYork.FHWA@dot.gov

Email: (firstname.lastname)@dot.gov

Name Position Phone Number/Extension E-Mail
Michael Canavan Acting Division Administrator 518-431-8879 Michael.Canavan
Robert Griffith Acting Chief Operating Officer 518-431-8897 Robert.Griffith
Joan Walters Engineer Coordinator 518-431-8868 Joan.Walters
John Formosa * NYC Federal-aid Liaison 212-668-2205 John.Formosa
Latelia Harris Administrative Assistant 518-431-8856 Latelia.Harris

Name Position Phone Number/Extension E-Mail
James E. Griffin Director 518-431-8884 James.E.Griffin
William E. Snyder Senior Financial Specialist 518-431-8865 William.E.Snyder
Kevin S. Smith Financial Specialist 518-431-8885 Kevin.S.Smith
Maria Calderon Di Carmine Financial Specialist 518-431-8872 Maria.Calderon
Frances Abbott Financial Technician 518-431-8871 Frances.Abbott
Michael J. Pidgeon Fiscal Technician 518-431-8861 Michael.J.Pidgeon
Paul Hesse Admin. Coordinator, Asst. Program Analyst 518-431-8888 Paul.Hesse

Name Position Phone Number/Extension E-Mail
Anna Price Director 518-431-8858 Anna.Price
Cheryl Malin Right-of-Way Officer 518-431-8895 Cheryl.Malin
System Operation & Performance Management Team
Randy Warden Team Leader 518-431-8852 Randy.Warden
R. Emmett McDevitt Transportation Safety Engineer 518-431-8898 Emmett.Mcdevitt
Timothy Crothers ITS Engineer (Upstate) 518-431-8864 Timothy.Crothers
Arthur O'Connor * Senior ITS Engineer (NYC) 212-668-2206 Arthur.OConnor
Environmental/Planning Team
Valeriya Remezova Team Leader 518-431-8862 Valeriya.Remezova
Karen Rosenberger * Intermodal Transportation Coordinator 212-668-6091 Karen.Rosenberger
Maria Chau Senior Community Planner 518-431-8878 Maria.Chau
Benjamin Fischer Transportation Specialist 518-431-8863 Benjamin.Fischer
Melissa Toni Environmental Coordinator 518-431-8867 Melissa.Toni
Kaylie Kramer Environmental Specialist 518-431-8877 Kaylie.Kramer

OFFICE OF ENGINEERING (HDO-NY) (State Regions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11) 
Name Position Phone Number/Extension E-Mail
Chris Gatchell Director 518-431-8883 Chris.Gatchell
Threasa Murray-Smith Administrative Assistant 518-431-8857 Threasa.Murray-Smith
John Burns Tappan Zee Bridge Project Manager
Major Projects Engineer
518-431-8875 John.Burns
Joseph Mondillo Goethals Bridge Project Manager
Senior Area Engineer
518-431-8855 Joseph.Mondillo
Dean Majzoub Kosciuszko Bridge Progect Manager
Major Projects Engineer
518-431-8894 Dean.Majzoub
Christine Thorkildsen Civil Rights Program Manager 518-431-8866 Christine.Thorkildsen
Kara Hogan Civil Rights Specialist 518-431-8847 Kara.Hogan
District Operations
Robert Davies District Engineer 518-431-8880 Robert.Davies
Tricia Millington Acting Area Engineer, Region 2 (Utica) & Region 3 (Syracuse) 518-431-8844 Patricia.Millington
Hans Anker Senior Area Engineer, Region 4 (Rochester) & Region 5 (Buffalo) 518-431-8896 Hans.Anker
Ian Weibel Area Engineer, Region 1 (Albany) & Region 9 (Binghamton) 518-431-8891 Ian.Weibel
Michael Kowalczyk Area Engineer, Region 8 (Poughkeepsie), Region 6 (Hornell), ADHS Coord. 518-431-8892 Michael.Kowalczyk
John Nickelson Area Engineer, Region 7 (Watertown), Region 10 (Long Island) 518-431-8887 John.Nickelson
Richard Beers Senior Area Engineer, Region 11 (Manhattan, Bronx, East River Bridges) 518-431-8874 Richard.Beers
Carlos Padilla-Fresse Area Engineer, Region 11 (Kings & Queens & Richmond Cos.) 518-431-8859 Carlos.Padilla-Fresse
High Risk/Innovation Oversight Team
Daniel C. Wood Team Leader 518-431-8870 Daniel.C.Wood
Daniel R. Byer Senior Bridge Engineer 518-431-8876 Daniel.Byer
Chris Millington Major Project Structural Engineer 518-431-8853 Chris.Millington
Timothy J. LaCoss Materials & Asset Mngmt Engineer 518-431-8893 Timothy.Lacoss

Name Position Phone Number/Extension E-Mail
Kenneth Dymond Senior Attorney
Eastern Legal Services,
Eastern Resource Center, Baltimore
518-431-8881 Ken.Dymond
Thomas F. Kearney Transportation Specialist, Commercial Vehicle Size & Weight Team 518-431-8890 Thomas.Kearney

* NYC Metro Office employee

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