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Pennsylvania Division

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Division Teams

Pennsylvania Division Organizational Chart

Senior Leadership and Management

Division Administrator (DA)
Renee Sigel

Assistant Division Administrator (ADA)
Moises Marrero

Program Management Analyst

Karyn Vandervoort

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Support Services Team

Functional Areas: Federal Aid Accounting System Management, Funds Management, Project Authorizations, Project Closeouts, Office of Management and Budget Policy & Regulation Interpretation, Freedom Of Information Act, Audits, Time & Attendance, Customer Service & Complaints, Clerical, Training Coordination, Travel Management, File Management, Procurement, Office Management, Vehicle Fleet Management, Personnel, Civil Rights, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program

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Financial Team

Financial Manager/Team Leader
Greg Pearsall

Financial Specialist
Christine D. Perez

Financial Specialist
Amy Inglis

Financial Technician

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Administrative Team

Administrative Officer
Douglas A. Broughton, MAOM

Administrative Operations Coordinator

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Civil Rights

Civil Rights Specialist
Khan Mitchell


Functional Areas: Construction Reviews, Project Authorizations, Construction Contract Management, Policy Review, Specs/Standards/Pubs/Manuals, Emergency Relief, Maintenance/Operations Reviews, Policy Coordination, Agency Coordination, Field Reviews, Design Reviews, Design & Construction Costs, Utilities, Metric

Director of Operations
Roger L. Ryder

Engineering Team

Team Leader
Bren I. George-Nwabugwu

Team Leader
Pete Nanov, P.E.

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Technical Services

Functional Areas: Structures, Hydraulics, Geotechnology, Bridge Safety Inspection, Safety, Pavements, Materials, Traffic Operations, Intelligent Transportation Systems, 402 Safety Program, Congestion Management, Research Programs, Tech Trans, Demo Projects, Garrett A. Morgan Program, Local Transportation Assistance Program (LTAP), Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP), Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS), Management Systems, Right-of-Way

Director of Technical Services
Tony Mento, P.E.

Technology Team

Pavement/Materials Engineer
Jennifer A. Albert, PhD, P.E.

ITS Engineer
James M. Paral, P.E.

Safety Engineer
Mike Castellano, P.E.

Structures Team

Bridge Engineer
Wendy McAbee, P.E., PMP

Assistant Bridge Engineer
Jonathan Buck

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Program Development Team

Functional Areas: Urban Planning, Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) (Metropolitan), Enhancement Programs, National Recreational Trails, Environmental Protection and Enhancements, Agency Coordination, Wetland Banking, Environmental Reviews

Director of Program Development
Keith M. Lynch

Transportation Planning Program Manager
Matt Smoker

Transportation Planning Specialist
Dan Walston

Transportation Planning Engineer
Kathy Dimpsey

Environmental Program Manager
Camille Otto

Environmental Protection Specialists
Deborah SuciuSmith , Jonathan Crum

Realty Officer

Planning and Environmental Specialist
Barbara J. Shaffer

PDP Planning/Environmental Specialist
Andrew Brunner

Philadelphia Metropolitan Office

Office Information

Functional Areas: Construction Reviews, Project Authorizations, Environmental Reviews, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Safety, Design Reviews

Technology and Safety Engineer
Carmine Fiscina

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