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Expert Task Group on Asphalt Mixtures & Construction; Asphalt Binders; and Models Technology Agenda Feb. 20-21, 2002

February 20, 2002
1:00 PM

Introduction/Review of Previous Meeting Action Items

Update of Selected NCHRP Projects
Review of related on-going NCHRP projects such as verification of the Ndesign table (9-9(1)), the simple performance test (9-19), relationship between density/lift thickness and permeability (9-27).

Results of NCHRP project 9-16
Discussion of results and recommendations of this study to use the SGC to evaluate mix performance.

Update on Subcommittee on Materials
A brief on the status of current changes to specification balloted by SOM, and status of ETG recommendation.

Team Reports
Status of Projects 90-01 & 90-03
Status of Projects 90-07 & 90-09

The role of these teams is to review and comment on the scope of work of the designated FHWA (NCHRP funded) projects, provide input for FHWA consideration, coordinate presentation of deliverables to the ETG for deliberation and make recommendations for ETG action.



Report of Binder ETG Activities/IssuesThe Binder ETG Secretary, will brief on the activities of the Binder ETG.

Miscellaneous Issues/Issues from the floorRoundtable discussion of miscellaneous issues presented by the ETG members and attendees. Possible topics include: coarse aggregate angularity requirements, mixture tenderness issues, Superpave implementation at the local level, compaction temperatures with modified binders, etc.

5:00End day 1
February 21, 2002
7:30 am Coffee
8:00 am

SGC Comparisons and Calibration Task Force
Group was asked to develop a work plan and procedure for study of the SGC and AVK; solicit ETG members, State agencies and others to participate in a round robin evaluation; and analyze existing data.

Results of FHWA Evaluation of Mixes Using the AVK
The FHWA mobile lab has used the AVK with a number of mixes and various compactors.

Progress of NCHRP 9-26
Discussion of preliminary findings specifically as it relates to the precision found between different compactors evaluated as part of this study.

ETG Recommendations Regarding the AVK
Based on the information presented what recommendation should the ETG make regarding the application of the AVK



4.75mm Mixture Task Force Activities
Group was asked to synthesize information and prepare a best practice for design/use of 4.75 mm nominal size aggregate mix.

Results of Pooled Fund Study #176
Discussion of results and recommendations of the now completed Purdue study that focused on aggregate properties in Superpave.

12:00 Lunch Break
1:00 PM

Progress of NCHRP 9-25
Discussion of progress to evaluate voids in the mineral aggregate criteria s well as comments on a related project on mixture air voids, NCHRP 9-31.

Superpave 2005 - Long Range Plan
Update of current long-range plan developed as a requirement of AASHTO resolution AR-5-98 and future research topics.

Executive Session - ETG Members

5:00 PM Adjourn
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