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Expert Task Group on Asphalt Mixtures & Construction; Asphalt Binders; and Models Technology September 2000 Attachment A - Agenda

September 11, 2000

1:00 PMIntroduction and Team Reports
Team 1: Status of Projects 90-01, 90-03 and 90-05Ascenbrener
Team 2: Status of Projects 90-07 and 90-09Michael
Team 3: Status of Projects 90-06, 90-08 and Simple Performance TesterNodes
The role of these teams is to review and comment on the scope of work of the designated FHWA (NCHRP funded) projects, provide technical input for FHWA consideration, coordinate presentation of deliverables to the ETG for deliberation and make recommendations to the ETG for any necessary action.
1:45 PMReport of Binder ETG Activities/IssuesD'Angelo
The Binder ETG Secretary, John D'Angelo will brief on the activities of the Binder ETG.
2:00 PMUpdate on Subcommittee on MaterialsHarvey/Tahir
Brief on proposed changes to specifications being balloted by SOM.
2:15 PMStatus of AASHTO SOM Standards and ETG ReviewBukowski
Brief on the timetable of various NCHRP efforts and potential Superpave specification changes that will be sent to the ETG for review.
2:45 PMImpact of Raised Dust to Binder RatioWest
Brief on the investigation into the source of the dust to binder ratio and the impact changing the ratio to 1.6 for coarse graded mixes.
3:30 PMBreak

3:45 PMAASHTO Standards OptionsHall
At the previous meeting the ETG formed a Task Force to review previous ETG efforts to summarize the effects of various options within AASHTO procedures and make recommendations on potential revisions.
4:30 PMVMA Properties Coarse/Fine AggregateAnderson
Brief on the results of Asphalt Institute investigation on variation of mixture mechanical with VMA changes.
End day 1

September 12, 2000

7:30 amCoffee
8:00amSuperpave Gyratory Compactor CalibrationHarman
Brief on FHWA/industry activities to develop a device to dynamically measure the SGC angle.
8:30 amAir Voids- Relation of Lab to FieldMasad/D'Angelo
Brief on current efforts to relate laboratory void distribution to in place pavements using X-ray tomography.
9:00 amNCHRP Project 9-16Anderson
Brief on the status of effort to identify a relationship between SGC and deformation in pavements.
9:30 amThe Simple Performance TesterWitczak
Brief on the results of efforts to identify a simple performance test procedure for mix design and field control (Task C of NCHRP Project 9-19).
10:15 amBreak
10:30 amAggregate Issues and NeedsMarek/All
Chuck Marek coordinated the development of a white paper to identify on-going aggregate research, areas where additional research is needed, and activities the ETG could undertake to address areas of concern to the aggregate industry. If appropriate the ETG needs to develop NCHRP problem statements to address these concerns.
11:30 amAggregate Gradation OptimizationAll
As a follow-up from last meeting discussion of Bailey Method, ETG members will be asked to report of experiences using this method.
12:00 noonLunch
1:00 PMField Validation of MixturesD'Angelo
Brief on procedures used by the FHWA as part of Demonstration Project DP90 for mixture field validation. The need for this procedure was identified in the State survey conducted by the ETG.
1:30 PMResult of NCHRP Project 9-12McDaniels
Brief on the results of NCHRP 9-12 and the recommendations for the recommendations for the treatment of RAP in Superpave specifications.
2:15 PM4.75 mm "Superpave" MixtureMichael
Brief on Maryland's and Georgia's successful use of a 4.75 mm size mixture designed using Superpave
2:45 PMPooled Fund Study 176Gallivan
Brief on results of results of Purdue pooled fund aggregate study.
3:00 PMBreak
3:15 PMMultiple Ratio AnalysisJahn
Brief on work being conducted to better characterize coarse aggregate shape.
3:30 PMFY2002 Research StatementsFerragut
Brief on proposed FY2002 Research Statements that will be proposed to AASHTO and discussion of direction of program.
4:00 PMExecutive Session - ETG Members
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