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Advanced Concrete Pavement Technology (ACPT) Program-ACPT Products Marketing Plan

Chapter 3: ACPT Marketing Plan


The following is a summary of the ACPT products identified for possible deployment over the next 5 years. Details on specific products are given in the ACPT Products Status Report.

ACPT Program Focus Area 1: Advanced Designs

  1. FA1-1: Mechanistic-Empirical Concrete Pavement Design
  2. FA1-2: Concrete Overlays Design
  3. FA1-3: Concrete Pavement Design Catalogs
  4. FA1-4: Advanced Concepts for Joint Design
  5. FA1-5: Optimizing Design Features and Life Cycle Costs
  6. FA1-6: Innovative Design Procedures for Concrete Pavements (continuously reinforced, prestressed, precast, roller-compacted concrete pavements)

ACPT Program Focus Area 2: Improved Construction Materials

  1. FA2-1: Optimizing Use of Recycled Materials
  2. FA2-2: Advanced High-Performance Materials
  3. FA2-3: Concrete Mixture Optimization
  4. FA2-4: Concrete Durability
  5. FA2-5: Concrete Testing

ACPT Program Focus Area 3: Improved Construction Processes

  1. FA3-1: Improved Processes for Construction Process Control and Acceptance Testing
  2. FA3-2: Performance-Related and End-Product Specifications
  3. FA3-3: Improving Concrete Pavement Performance and Sustainability Through Two-Lift Construction

ACPT Program Focus Area 4: Rapid Repair and Rehabilitation

  1. FA4-1: Rapid Pavement Condition Evaluation
  2. FA4-2: Rapid Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of High-Volume Facilities
  3. FA4-3: Precast Panels for Repair
  4. FA4-4: Precast Panels for Reconstruction and Rehabilitation
  5. FA4-5: Innovative Repair and Rehabilitation Processes
  6. FA4-6: Construction Traffic Management

ACPT Program Focus Area 5: Sustainable Concrete Pavements

  1. FA5-1: Sustainable Pavement Designs
  2. FA5-2: Sustainable Use of Construction Materials
  3. FA5-3: Sustainable Construction Practices
  4. FA5-4: Sustainable Repair and Rehabilitation Processes
  5. FA5-5: Catalog of Sustainable Concrete Pavement Practices
  6. FA5-6: Environmental Life Cycle Analysis Tools

ACPT Program Focus Area 6: Enhanced User Satisfaction

  1. FA6-1: Innovative Pavement Surface Texturing for Safety and Noise Reduction
  2. FA6-2: Techniques to Improve Pavement Ride

ACPT Product Matrix

The ACPT product-marketing implementation plan for each product has been developed as a product matrix for each ACPT Focus Area and is included in the appendix. it is expected that, as FHWA authorizes the implementation activity of each ACPT product, a detailed marketing and product implementation plan will be developed for each product in conjunction with the marketing of the overall ACPT.

Timeline for ACPT Product Deployment

The timeline for delivery of the promising ACPT products can be categorized as follows:

  1. Immediate availability for delivery.
  2. Within 24 months-product available, but requires further refinement or better packaging for delivery.
  3. Under development-product available within 24 months.
    1. Product ready for delivery.
    2. Products may require further refinement or better packaging for delivery.
  4. Under development-product available after 24 months.
    1. Product ready for delivery.
    2. Products may require further refinement or better packaging for delivery.

The timeline for each ACPT product is identified in the appendix.

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Updated: 02/20/2015

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