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Enhancement of the Pavement Health Track (PHT) Analysis Tool Final Report

HPMS2010 Validation Rules


The results of the PHT analysis are only as reliable and accurate as the source data on which the analysis is being performed. The objective of this task was to implement a set of validation rules for the HPMS2010 source data to help ensure that the data being analyzed by the tool are valid, thus improving the quality of the analysis results.

The HPMS2010 data format is still relatively new and the data validation rules are being defined by the FHWA. Assembling a working set of validation rules for the HPMS2010 data fields used by PHT analysis tool was done using the following sources:

  • HPMS2010 Field Manual
  • HPMS2010 Validation rules provided by the FHWA
  • Existing HPMS2000 validation rules that are still applicable to the HPMS2010 data
  • Engineering analysis by the Battelle team members

A detailed listing of the HPMS validation rules that were implemented into the PHT analysis tool is provided in Appendix B of this document.

Graphical User Interface

The HPMS2010 validation rules are implemented into the PHT graphical user interface in a way that allows the user to selectively enable individual highway data validation rules that are applied to the input PHT database. The list of validation rules is available in Validation Rules tab of the PHT Properties window as shown in Figure 70. Each validation rule is displayed along with a checkbox to enable or disable it. If a rule is checked, it is enabled and will be enforced.

 A screen shot shows the window associated with the Validation Rules tab of the PHT Properties window, with a listing of validation rules that can be selected for enforcement.
Figure 70. HPMS2010 Validation Rules User Interface

In all cases, the validation rules implemented in the graphical user interface are informational in nature and do not preclude the use of any individual record in the PHT analysis. If a highway section record fails one or more validation rules, it is flag in the Highway Data Viewer user interface for review by the user. The user may choose to correct the violation, ignore it and proceed with the analysis or skip the record entirely.

Updated: 11/22/2013