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Enhancement of the Pavement Health Track (PHT) Analysis Tool Final Report

Improve PHT Runtime Performance


The objective of this task was to optimize the PHT analysis engine performance to improve the overall analysis runtime when analyzing a large number of sections. Analyzing the complex algorithms of the PHT Analysis Tool may take a longer than ideal time to be completed. Advances in hardware design in modern computers such as multiple-core CPUs and 64-bit architecture can greatly improve the overall runtime of the analysis. It is essential to optimize the operation of the PHT analysis to the greatest extent possible while still ensuring its operational ability on older computers that are still commonly in use.


Improvements to PHT Tool runtime were implemented at two levels; by increasing efficiency and optimization of computation algorithms and procedures and taking advantage of modern computer hardware features such as 64-bit architecture, multiple core CPUs, and large memory sizes and caches.

The primary contributor to the runtime improvements was incorporating multi-threading into PHT computational algorithms that allow for parallel computations and analysis. Multi-threaded programming has significantly improved the PHT computation performance on computer systems that have multiple CPUs, because the threads of the program permit concurrent execution of multiple PHT computations.

The improvement in runtime is a function of the number of core processors and the amount of memory available in the computer. The runtime benchmarks shown in Figure 87 were produced using a duel core 2.2GHz processor with 6Gbytes of memory.

A vertical bar chart plots values for run time associated with processing data for 2,252 highway sections for Version 1.1 and Version 2.0. The value for Version 1.1 runtime is 770 seconds; the value for Version 2.0 runtime is 193 seconds.
Figure 87. PHT Runtime Benchmarks, Version 1.1 and Version 2.0
Updated: 11/22/2013