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Financial Planning

IV. Checklist

Financial Planning Checklist Date Done
  Understand transportation funding options  
Step 1: Identify Funding Streams
  Check old documents  
  Understand the BIA-DOT process  
  Check With the Tribal Treasury  
  Coordinate with State DOT and MPO for available funds from those sources  
  Investigate other programs with FHWA  
  Make decisions about applying for grants  
  Investigate innovative financing  
Step 2: Estimate Future Revenues
  Create a table showing 20-year funding estimates from each program  
  For one-time grants, place reasonably expected funding into the table  
  For annual programs, multiply the upcoming year by twenty  
Step 3: Match Funding to Projects
  Complete the Project Matching Worksheet  
  Apply dedicated funds to the appropriate project  
  Compare eligibility and commit funds to projects in order of priority  
  Place unfunded projects on a “wish list” or “unfunded needs list” and communicate about this list with the State DOT and MPO  
Step 4: Write the Financial Plan
  List the funding sources and their expected revenues over the life of the plan, then discuss how you will receive the funding and what types of projects each funding program is eligible to support.  
  List the funded projects and which funding streams are supporting each project  
  List the unfunded projects and discuss why the projects were not funded  
  Place unfunded projects on a “wish list” or “unfunded needs list” and communicate about this list with the State DOT and MPO  
  Discuss where leftover, unused funds will go  
Updated: 5/8/2015
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