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FHWA Scenario Planning Webinars

Summary of the Federal Highway Administration's Let's Talk Planning Webinar - Scenario Planning (December, 2014)
A Let's Talk Planning webinar was conducted on December 10, 2014 which shared information on three distinguished scenario planning projects including those from: Southern California Association of Governments in California, Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments in Colorado, and Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission in Pennsylvania. The webinar provided a forum for FHWA planners to engage in dialogue about the highlighted case studies and progression of scenario planning into the normal transportation planning process. (PDF, 76KB)

FHWA Scenario Planning Webinar (April 2012)
A Scenario Planning Webinar was conducted on April 5, 2012, which shared information on the Denver Regional Council of Government's (DRCOG's) previous scenario planning work with a national audience, including the agency's use of innovative visualization and public engagement techniques. The webinar also explored how DRCOG intends to use several new scenario and land use analysis tools as part of a scenario planning approach to update its regional plan, Metro Vision 2040. Finally, the webinar provided a forum for DRCOG to engage in dialogue with a panel of five nationally recognized experts on scenario planning. highlighted the advanced phases of scenario planning. (PDF, 70KB)

FHWA Advanced Phases Webinar (August 2011)
A Scenario Planning Webinar was conducted on August 17, 2011, that highlighted the advanced phases of scenario planning. It outlined some suggested steps in how agencies can create and evaluate scenarios; additionally, it provided examples of how agencies around the country have created scenarios, assessed their impacts, and used scenarios as a framework for action planning. The webinar featured peer speakers from the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission in Dayton, Ohio, and the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) in California. (PDF, 94KB)

FHWA Getting Started with Scenario Planning Webinar Summary (March 2011). A Scenario Planning Webinar was conducted on March 1, 2011, that examined how transportation agencies can get started to use scenario planning. The webinar highlighted some of the key initial steps that are involved with scenario planning and also outlined how scenario planning can be incorporated as part of an agency's existing long-range planning processes. It featured peer speakers from the Denver Regional Council of Governments in Colorado and the Metropolitan Transportation Planning Organization for the Gainesville, Florida, Urbanized Area. (PDF, 104 KB)

FHWA Introduction to Scenario Planning Webinar (September 2010). This summary describes a 90-minute webinar held in September 2010 on scenario planning. The purposes of the webinar were to: 1) to provide an overview of transportation scenario planning; 2) to share the experience of an agency that implemented scenario planning; and 3) to gauge interest in additional scenario planning training opportunities. Webinar speakers included representations from the FHWA Office of Planning, the FHWA Resource Center, the U.S. Department of Transportation Volpe Center, and the Chittenden County Metropolitan Planning Organization (CCMPO) in Burlington, Vermont. Topics included an overview of FHWA's concept of scenario planning and the FHWA Scenario Planning Guidebook, as well as a background on tools and resources to implement the technique and information on CCMPO's experience using scenario planning as part of a 50-year planning study. (PDF, 285KB).

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