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Conditions and Performance Report. Appendix C.

Conditions and Performance Report
Appendix C—National Highway System
Freight Intermodal Connectors

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Connector Condition

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Connector Condition

Pavement Condition

This is a key element in the serviceability of a connector which can affect the speed of travel, and in the case of poor pavement condition, can cause damage to the vehicle and its contents. The rating of pavement was broken into five categories, primarily based on the speed that the truck could comfortably travel (See Exhibit C-1).

Exhibit C-1. Pavement Rating Categories

For all the connectors inventoried, about half were considered good or very good, 37 percent were rated as fair, and 12 percent were rated as poor or very poor. The average for all of the NHS with poor/very poor rating is 8 percent. Fair pavements would be considered due for resurfacing and poor and very poor are past due for resurfacing and possibly reconstruction. Pavement condition by terminal type was also calculated.

While airports and pipelines were about average with 7 percent in the poor and very poor categories, rail/truck and ports showed 12 percent and 15 percent respectively. The poor and very poor rating are important because they cause reductions in the speed and efficiency of a facility and may also damage the vehicle and its contents (See Exhibit C-2).

Exhibit C-2. Pavement Conditions


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