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Appendix E—Condition and Performance of the
Transportation System Serving Federal and Indian Lands

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Characteristics of Federal Roads and Lands

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Funding of Roads Serving Federal and Indian Lands

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This appendix documents the surface transportation system serving Federal and Indian lands. It begins with a discussion of the various types of Federal lands, then addresses the role these areas play in the U.S. economy. It then examines the transportation system on Federal lands, assessing its role, condition, funding sources, construction and maintenance expenditures. The conclusion includes an outlook on the future of the transportation system on Federal and tribal lands. The following acronyms are used in this appendix:
BIA Bureau of Indian Affairs FWS U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
BLM Bureau of Land Management IRR Indian Reservation Roads
BOR Bureau of Reclamation LMHS Land Management Highway System
COE U.S. Army Corps of Engineers MIR Military Installation Roads
CRR Corps Recreation Roads (COE Roads) MTMC Military Traffic Management Command
DOA Department of Agriculture NPS National Park Service
DOD Department of Defense RR Refuge Roads
DOI Department of the Interior PFAR Public Forest Access Roads
FDR Forest Development Roads PLDR Public Lands Development Roads
FLHP Federal Lands Highway Program PLH Public Lands Highway Program
FH Forest Highway   (Discretionary Program)
FS U.S. Forest ServicePRP Park Roads and Parkways

Q   Are the pavement conditions percentages presented in this appendix developed using the IRI and PSR standards discussed in Chapter 3?
A  No. The pavement condition ratings are based on separate analyses performed by each of the Federal Agencies. These may not be fully consistent with those reported by States in the Highway Performance Monitoring System.
Q   Are the figures cited for "backlog" in this appendix fully consistent with the investment backlog for all highways identified in Chapter 7?
A  No. The backlog figures are based on separate analyses performed by each of the Federal Agencies. The Highway Economic Requirements System (HERS) model was not used to develop the backlog estimates in this appendix.