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Chapter 9—Impacts of Investment

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Impact of Highway and Bridge Investment on Conditions and Performance

Transit Investment Impacts

Methods for Increasing Future Investment for Transportation Projects



This chapter serves two major purposes. The first is to discuss the impacts of historic investment, relating the condition and performance trends reported in Chapters 3 and 4 with the financial trends reported in Chapter 6. The second purpose is to discuss the impacts of future investment, exploring the impacts of investing at different levels of funding, building on the analysis in Chapters 7 and 8.

This chapter is a new addition to the C&P report. In this edition, the chapter focuses on a limited number of topics. Future versions of the report will expand on this analysis, and address other related topics.

The highway portion of this chapter begins by discussing the impacts that future investment patterns would be expected to have on future highway travel growth, travel time costs, vehicle operating costs and crash costs. The section then examines the impacts that recent funding patterns have had on highway conditions and performance. The section concludes with a discussion of innovative means to increase future investment.

The transit portion addresses the projected increase in transit travel that would be accommodated by the estimated investment requirement levels. The recent stability of most condition and performance measures is discussed, and some possible reasons for this phenomenon in the face of estimates of current funding gaps are proposed.