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Conditions and Performance

FHWA - 2006 Conditions and Performance: Part III
2006 Status of the Nation's Highways, Bridges, and Transit:
Conditions and Performance
Part III Special Topics


Chapters 11 and 12 provide a more in-depth look at specific components of the Nation's transportation system, presenting information to provide additional insight into these components. Chapters 13 through 15 provide a more extensive discussion of several topics that were touched upon in the core analytical portion of the report, Chapters 2 through 10. These chapters are intended to provide additional insights into these issues and to highlight some related activities currently underway within the Department of Transportation.

Chapter 11, Interstate System, highlights the system characteristics, system conditions, operational performance, and financing of the Interstate System. The chapter also presents analyses of future investment and performance for the Interstate System. While the rural and urban Interstates are identified in the functional class tables in earlier portions of the report, this chapter provides additional details and brings all Interstate-related information into a single location.

Chapter 12, National Highway System (NHS), is similar in scope and coverage to Chapter 11, but focuses on the entire NHS rather than simply its Interstate System component. While some of the earlier chapters in the report include some NHS-related data, most information pertaining to the NHS in this report is located in this chapter. A detailed look at the conditions of the components of the Nation's Strategic Highway System (STRAHNET) is also presented in this chapter.

Chapter 13, Innovative Finance, highlights several of the techniques and strategies that are specifically designed to supplement the traditional methods used as part of the Federal-aid Highway Program. Credit assistance, debt financing, and public-private partnerships are explored in detail.

Chapter 14, Freight Transportation, supplies information related to various aspects of the trucking industry, including its impact on the Nation's highway system and the impact that the condition and performance of the Nation's highways have on trucking. Topics presented are the growth of freight transportation, congestion, safety, and special investment needs relating to trucking.

Chapter 15, Operations Strategies, presents a more detailed insight into the solutions to the problems of maintaining an acceptable degree of mobility on the Nation's highway system, while meeting the need for increased traffic volume. Several potential solutions are presented to address some of the operational performance issues raised in Chapter 4.

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