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2013 Status of the Nation's Highways, Bridges, and Transit:
Conditions & Performance
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Part V Appendices


Appendices A, B, and C describe the modeling techniques used to generate the investment/performance analyses and selected capital investment scenario estimates highlighted in Chapters 7 through 10. Appendix D discusses crosscutting analytical issues.

Appendix A describes selected technical aspects of the Highway Economic Requirements System (HERS), which is used to analyze potential future investments for highway resurfacing and reconstruction and highway and bridge capacity expansion.

Appendix B describes the National Bridge Investment Analysis System (NBIAS), which is used for analyzing potential future bridge rehabilitation and replacement investments.

Appendix C presents technical information on the Transit Economic Requirements Model (TERM), which is used to analyze potential future transit investments in urbanized areas. TERM includes modules which estimate the funding that will be required to replace and rehabilitate transit vehicles and other assets and to invest in new assets to accommodate future transit ridership growth.

Appendix D describes ongoing research activities and identifies potential areas for improvement in the data and analytical tools used to produce the highway, bridge, and transit analyses contained in this report.

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