1997 Federal Highway Cost Allocation Study
Summary Report

U.S. Department of Transportation
Federal Highway Administration

August 1997

Table of Contents
HCAS Workshop
Study Objectives and Scope
Summary of HCAS Methods and Findings
Vehicle Travel Characteristics and Population by Different Vehicle Classes
Federal-aid Highway Program Costs
Allocation of 2000 Federal Highway Program Costs
   Pavement Cost Allocation
   Bridge Cost Allocation
   System Enhancement Costs
   Other Attributable Costs
   Life Cycle Cost Analysis
2000 Federal Highway User Revenues
   Federal User Fee Payments by Vehicle Class
2000 Federal Highway User Charge Equity Ratios
Highway Cost Allocation for All Levels of Government
Other Highway-Related Costs
Marginal Highway Costs
Total Costs of Highways
Alternative Investment Scenarios
Potential User Fee Changes To Improve Equity
Study Conclusions

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