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Obligation of Federal Funds for Bridge Projects by Improvement Type 1/

Obligations of Federal funds for bridge projects averaged $10.4 billion per year for 2002 and 2003.(Thousands of Dollars)

New Bridge$882,05510%
Minor Bridge Work$2,293,34426%
Major Bridge Rehabilitation$617,4397%
Bridge Replacement$5,027,71557%

New Bridge$471,3064%
Minor Bridge Work$3,341,14128%
Major Bridge Rehabilitation$596,6325%
Bridge Replacement$7,517,56863%

1/ Data source is the Fiscal Management Information (FMIS). Capacity addition improvements include Relocation, some Reconstruction, and Reconstruction-added capacity (now includes Major Widening). System preservation improvements include some Reconstruction, Restoration and Rehabilitation, Resurfacing, and Reconstruction-no added capacity (now includes Minor Widening). Excludes certain improvement types such as Safety / Traffic / Traffic System Management, environmentally-related projects, special bridge programs and other projects.

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