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Section I: Motor Fuel

Important Information

Analysis of motor-fuel use:

Table/Chart As Published November 2003 Updated
Motor-fuel use Table MF-21 mf21.pdf   mf21.xls   April 2006 mf21r.pdf mf21r.xls
Nonhighway use of gasoline Table MF-24 mf24.pdf   mf24.xls        
Monthly gasoline reported by States Table MF-33GA mf33ga.pdf   mf33ga.xls        
Estimated use of gasohol Table MF-33E mf33e.pdf   mf33e.xls        
Special fuel as a percent of total highway use of motor fuel (Chart) Chart pntchrt.pdf   pntchrt.xls        
Monthly special fuel reported by States Table MF-33SF mf33sf.pdf mf33sf.xls      

Rates and revenues:

Table/Chart HTML PDF XLS
Motor-fuel volume taxed by States Table MF-2 mf2.pdf   mf2.xls  
State tax rates on motor fuel Table MF-121T mf121t.pdf   mf121t.xls  
State motor-fuel taxes and related receipts Table MF-1 mf1.pdf   mf1.xls  
Disposition of State motor-fuel tax receipts Table MF-3 mf3.pdf   mf3.xls  
State tax rates on motor fuel 1983-1998 Table MF-205 mf205.pdf   mf205.xls  
Federal excise taxes on highway motor fuel Table FE-21B fe21b.pdf   fe21b.xls  

If you have specific questions regarding motor fuel, email us or phone (202) 366-0170.

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