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Section V: Roadway Extent, Characteristics and Performance

Important Information

Public road length in the United States, classified by:

Table/Chart HTML PDF XLS
Table HM-10
hm10.pdf hm10.xls
Type of surface and ownership / functional system -- national summary
Table HM-12
hm12.pdf hm12.xls
Ownership and Federal-aid highways--national summary
Table HM-16
hm16.pdf hm16.xls
Functional system and Federal-aid highways--national summay
Table HM-18
hm18.pdf hm18.xls
Functional system
Table HM-20
hm20.pdf hm20.xls

Federal-aid highway length, classified by:

Table/Chart HTML PDF XLS
Table HM-14
hm14.pdf hm14.xls
Table HM-15
hm15.pdf hm15.xls
Type of surface
Table HM-31
hm31.pdf hm31.xls
Lane width
Table HM-33
hm33.pdf hm33.xls
Traffic lanes and access control
Table HM-35
hm35.pdf hm35.xls
Traffic lanes and access control--national summary
Table HM-36
hm36.pdf hm36.xls
Average daily traffic volume
Table HM-37
hm37.pdf hm37.xls
Lane width, access control, and average daily traffic volume--national summary
Table HM-39
hm39.pdf   hm39.xls  
Lane-miles, estimated
Table HM-48
hm48.pdf hm48.xls

National Highway System, classified by:

Table/Chart HTML PDF XLS
Miles open and not open to traffic
Table HM-30
hm30.pdf hm30.xls
Miles by ownership
Table HM-40
hm40.pdf hm40.xls
Miles by functional system
Table HM-41
hm41.pdf hm41.xls
Volume-service flow ratio
Table HM-42
hm42.pdf hm42.xls
Lane miles by functional system
Table HM-43
hm43.pdf hm43.xls
Vehicle miles of travel by functional system
Table HM-44
hm44.pdf hm44.xls
Measured pavement roughness
Table HM-47
hm47.pdf hm47.xls
STRAHNET miles by Interstate and non-Interstate
Table HM-49
hm49.pdf hm49.xls

Functional system data:

Table/Chart HTML PDF XLS
Table HM-50
hm50.pdf hm50.xls
Arterial and collector length, by type of surface
Table HM-51
hm51.pdf hm51.xls
Arterial and collector length, by lane width
Table HM-53
hm53.pdf hm53.xls
Arterial and collector length, by traffic lanes and access control
Table HM-55
hm55.pdf hm55.xls
Arterial and collector length, by average daily traffic volume
Table HM-57
hm57.pdf hm57.xls
Arterial and collector length, by lane width, access control, and AADT --national summary
Table HM59
hm59.pdf hm59.xls
Rural and urban lane-miles, estimated
Table HM-60
hm60.pdf hm60.xls
Volume-service flow ratio, by functional system
Table HM-61
hm61.pdf hm61.xls
Average daily traffic per lane
Table HM-62
hm62.pdf hm62.xls
System congestion trends
chartv.pdf   chartv.xls  
Present Serviceability Ratings-pavements, by functional system
Table HM-63
hm63.pdf hm63.xls
Measured pavement roughness, by functional system
Table HM-64
hm64.pdf hm64.xls

Urbanized area summaries:

Table/Chart HTML PDF XLS
Miles and daily vehicle-miles of travel
Table HM-71 hm71.pdf hm71.xls
Selected characteristics
Table HM-72 hm72.pdf hm72.xls

State highway agency-owned public road data:

Table/Chart HTML PDF XLS
Miles by functional system, estimated
Table HM-80 hm80.pdf hm80.xls
Miles, lane-miles and daily travel, estimated
Table HM-81 hm81.pdf hm81.xls

Highway use and performance:

Table/Chart HTML PDF XLS
Vehicle miles of travel and related data, by highway category and vehicle type
Table VM-1 vm1.pdf vm1.xls
Vehicle-miles of travel, by functional system
Table VM-2 vm2.pdf vm2.xls
Discussion of Travel Growth
Discussion travgrow.pdf N/A
Vehicle-miles of travel, by Federal-aid highways
Table VM-3 vm3.pdf vm3.xls
Percentage distribution of traffic volumes and loadings on the rural Interstate System
Table TC-3 tc3.pdf tc3.xls
Growth in Volumes and Loadings on rural Interstate highways
Chart tccht.pdf tccht.xls

Motor Vehicle Traffic Fatalities:

Table/Chart HTML PDF XLS
Persons fatally injured in motor vehicle crashes, Federal-aid highways
Table FI-10 fi10.pdf fi10.xls
Persons fatally injured in motor vehicle crashes, by functional system
Table FI-20 fi20.pdf fi20.xls

If you have specific questions regarding Mileage and Travel, email us or phone (202) 366-0160.

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