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Section VI: Select Metric Tables

NOTE: This page contains the latest available data, and is updated as changes and revisions occur.

Selected Metric Tables:

Motor Fuel Useage:

Table/Chart HTML PDF XLS
Motor-fuel use Table MF-21M mf21m.pdf mf21m.xls

Public road length in the United States, classified by:

Table/Chart HTML PDF XLS
Ownership Table HM-10M hm10m.pdf hm10m.xls
Type of surface and jurisdiction / functional system Table HM-12M hm12m.pdf hm12m.xls
Ownership and Federal-aid highway-national Table HM-16M hm16m.pdf hm16m.xls
Functional system and Federal-aid highways - National Table HM-18M hm18m.pdf hm18m.xls
Functional system Table HM-20M hm20m.pdf hm20m.xls

Federal-aid highways length, classified by:

Table/Chart HTML PDF XLS
Ownership Table HM-14M hm14m.pdf hm14m.xls
System Table HM-15M hm15m.pdf hm15m.xls
Traffic lanes and access control-national Table HM-36M hm36m.pdf hm36m.xls

National Highway System length, classified by:

Table/Chart HTML PDF XLS
Open and not open to traffic Table HM-30M hm30m.pdf hm30m.xls

Functional system data:

Table/Chart HTML PDF XLS
Ownership Table HM-50M hm50m.pdf hm50m.xls
Rural and urban lane-kilometers, estimated Table HM-60M hm60m.pdf hm60m.xls

Highway useage and performance:

Table/Chart HTML PDF XLS
Vehicle-kilometers of travel in kilometers and related data, by highway category and vehicle type Table VM-1M vm1m.pdf vm1m.xls
Vehicle-kilometers of travel, by functional system Table VM-2M vm2m.pdf vm2m.xls
Vehicle kilometers of travel, by Federal-aid highways Table VM-3M vm3m.pdf vm3m.xls

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