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HPMS Publications

Field Manual:

HPMS Primer: Overview of the HPMS for FHWA: This report provides information to FHWA field offices and States on the Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) data.

HPMS Archive Item Descriptions (Data item descriptions used with the HPMS universe and sample archive data files)

1982-1987 Archive

1988-1992 Archive

1993-1998 Archive

Urbanized Area Codes 1991 - 2001

Use of Census Boundaries for HPMS Data Reporting

FAQ: Applying 2000 Census Data to Urbanized area Urban Areas in the FTA Planning Program and FHWA Program

Highway Functional Classification Guidelines

The manual Highway Functional Classification: Concepts, Criteria and Procedures, covers concepts of functional highway classification and functional system characteristics and suggests procedures for functional highway classification in rural, small urban and urbanized areas.

Local Area Travel Reporting

State Practices Used to Report Local Area Travel: This report provides survey information on promising and innovative State practices used to estimate local area travel in rural, small urban, and urbanized areas. (Also vailable in PDF (57 kb) format)

Improving HPMS Data Quality

A Continuous Process Improvement Model for the HPMS: This report takes a look at the continuous Process Improvement Model for the Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS).

Seven Deadly Misconceptions About Information Quality: Larry P. English: Describes misconceptions about information quality that can cause quality initiatives to fail or appear to succeed but fail to achieve desired results.

HPMS Field Review Guidelines: FHWA, Sept 2006: Provides information to the FHWA field staff on the appropriate review of State HPMS data trends; also provides advisory information on how to conduct process reviews of several of the more prominent data collection activities covered by the HPMS.

Data Quality

HPMS Sample Management: This report provides information on the basic structure of the HPMS sample, recommended sample management practices, identifying and addressing sample bias, and major considerations in conducting sample management reviews.

HPMS and Air Quality

Reducing Vehicle Miles Traveled - Statutory Language; EPA, 1999: Provides excerpted statutory language relevant to requirements for VMT data to meet NAAQS and other clean air legislation and goals.

Data Sharing and Data Partnerships

The report: Data Sharing and Data Partnerships for Highways; NCHRP Synthesis 288, documents arrangements among the States, MPOs, and other regional and local governments to partner in the collection and share in the use of HPMS data. Key elements examined in the study include institutional arrangements, the use of data and data sharing, cost and resource requirements, technical capabilities/barriers, implementation processes, data quality, as well as successes, failures, and difficulties. This document can be ordered from the Transportation Research Board (TRB) at

State geospatial networks are in the National Transportation Atlas Database (NTAD)

Other Publications

Non-Federal Applications of HPMS

HPMS Reassessment 2010+

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