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ITS as a Traffic Data Resource.

Workshop C6

Ralph Gillmann at FHWA

ITS Traffic Data Collected

Line Graph showing Freeway Management Survey, Data collected versus archived. For details see Fwy1.htm for details.

Line Graph showing Arterial Management Survey, Data collected versus archived. For details see Fwy1.htm for details.

Pie chart of ITS detectors for HPMS: 41% ITS detectors used for HPMS, 16% no ITS dectors, and 43% ITS dectors not used for HPMS.

Archived Data Management Systems (ADMS)

ADMS Websites

Other ADMS's

Caltrans PeMS ADMS

Screen shot of the PeMS website on Freeway Performance Measeure System. Users must login with Id and Password.

Caltrans PeMS.Detector Health

Screen shot showing Detector Health of Freeways on I-15N.

Caltrans PeMS.ADT Variation

Screen shot of Caltranas PeMs ADT variation. It shows Friday as both highest average daily travel (ADT) and variation, with the lowest ADT on Sunday, but the lowest variation on Tuesday.

Houston ITS Data

Screenshot for accessing Houston's historical traffic Information or ITS data System at http://traffic.tamu.edu/hist/historydata.htm.

Houston Travel Times

Screen shot of Houston Travel Times which provide departure time, travel time, and average speed for AM peak and PM peak. Also found on their website.

Maryland CATT ADMS

Screen shot of Maryland's CATT ADMS lab webpage. It shows ability to click on box for roadway in maryland, by time of day and day of week and will provide graphs and data based on your set criteria you wish.

Maryland CATT Plot

Screen shot of Maryland's CATT Plot graph, showing traffic data points.


Screen shot of Minnesota TMC ADMS website. It is a data archive continuously collected by the Traffic Management Center of Minnesota.


Screen shot of Minnesota's TMC plot of data point for Volume and Occupancy.

ADUS Website

Screen shot of FHWA's ITS Archived Data User Service page.

ITS Data Standards

Traffic Data Quality Measurement

ADUS Cross-Cutting Study

Applications of Archived Data Operational Test

ADMS Virginia:

Field Operational Test:

Mobility Monitoring.Program


Archived data from 23 cities:


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