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Motor Fuel Session The Big Picture and Data Reporting

November 16, 2004

The Big Picture

The Big Picture II


Uses of State motor fuel data:



Funds for several FHWA programs are apportioned to the States:

Under TEA-21, about $12 billion (40% of Federal Highway Programs) was annually apportioned based on motor fuel data.

Apportionment and Motor. Fuel Data:


The Attribution Process

How Attribution Works I: State-by-State contributions to the Federal Highway Trust Fund are not available from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

How Attribution Works II:

How Attribution Works III

How Attribution Works IV

How Attributrion Works V

For the federal truck taxes:

Attribution to each State is in proportion to the highway use of special fuels

Attribution and Data Quality

In Summary:



FHWA needs your commitment

FHWA Motor Fuel Reporting:

Accomplishments, Challenges, and Changing Environment


Accomplished: Re-Assessment

Time Line: Began in late 1998 and shortly after TEA-21 passed


Accomplished: Re-Assessment

General Accounting Office (GAO)

GAO identified several actions

Accomplished: Re-Assessment

FHWA identified areas for further study/revision:

Publication: Attribution and Apportionment of Federal Highway Tax Revenues: Process Refinements

Accomplished: Input Procedures

Implemented a submittal process:

Computer security requirements:

Accomplished: MF Reviews

Accomplished: Data verification

  1. Process review versus data verification
  2. Why verify?
  1. Verification memo

Accomplished: Publications

Accomplished: Revised Guide to Reporting Highway Statistics


Challenges: MF Reviews

Quality of reviews/Quality improvements:

Risk Assessment

U.S. map showing Motor Fuel Review status: Review complete = 25 States, Review Undersay = 8 States, No Review 1 State, and Review needs improvement = 16 States.

Challenges: Communication

  1. November workshops on Highway Statistics
  2. January-February motor fuel workshops
  3. Special request/event video conferences

Challenges: Verification of Data

Challenges: Communication II

Community of Practice:

http://knowledge.fhwa.dot.gov/cops/hcx.nsf/home?openformgroup=motor%20 fuel%20reporting/htf%20attribution

Changing Environment:

Changing Environment: Reauthorization

Changing Environment:.Reporting & Analysis Changes

FHWA will be treating some data differently:

Reporting changes:

Changing Environment:.Gasohol Revenue

Hot topic in reauthorization.

American Jobs Creation Act of 2004:

Changing Environment:.Fuel Tax Evasion

Federal law changes:

Contact: Linda Morris at FHWA (Linda.Morris@fhwa.dot.gov)

In Summary

Identified and discussed:

FHWA Motor Fuel Reporting:

Data Submittal Process and Discussion of Improvements

Background I

Background - II

  1. Spreadsheet view
  2. Wizard view
  3. Direct XML

Instructions for reporting - Guide to Reporting Highway Statistics - Chapter 2

Motor Fuel Reporting: We begin here.

Motor Fuel Reporting

  1. Gallons from tax returns of seller
  2. Depending on point of taxation in State: a) Terminal holders b) Wholesalers and c) Retailers

Motor Fuel Reporting

Gasoline and Gasohol Gross Volume Reported Includes:

Motor Fuel Reporting

Diesel and LPG Gross Volume Reported Includes:

Motor Fuel Reporting

Other State Fuel Data:

Motor Fuel Reporting

Consistency in Data Entries:

Motor Fuel Reporting

New Feature in DBMS:

Motor Fuel Reporting

Motor Fuel Reporting

Motor Fuel Reporting

Form Section Defaults Allows you to:

Motor Fuel Reporting- Conclusions


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