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Traffic Monitoring Guide
Truck Weight Monitoring
(Section 5)

Powerpoint presentation (2964 KB)

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Data Users

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Truck Weight Program

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Bar graph of rural interstate travel.  Autos, Buses and Light Trucks make up 77% of traffic volume, but only 2% of axle load.   5 axle or more combo trucks make up 17% of traffic volume, but 89 of axle load.

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Line graph comparing growth in volumne and loadings on the interstate system.  Over time, the average daily load far outpased the average daily traffic.

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Truck Weight Program Components

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Structure of Weight Vehicle Program

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Continous Count Program

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How many?

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Short Term Count Program

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Types of Weighing

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Static Weighing

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photo of truck involved in static weighing

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WIM Sensor Technology

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Picture of Load Cell

photo of load cell WIM system

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Picture of Bending Plate WIM System

photo of bending plate WIM System alongside a highway photo of bending plate WIM system

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Picture of Piezo-Ceramic WIM System

photo of piezo-ceramic WIM System

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Picture of Capacitance Mat WIM System

photo of capacitance mat WIM system

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Picture of Capacitance Strip WIM System

photo of capacitance strip WIM system

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Picture of Bridge WIM System With Strain Gauges

photo of bridge WIM system with strain gauges

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WIM Calibration

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Reference Materials

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Software and Reports

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VTRIS (Vehicle Travel Information System)

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VTRIS Reports: http://apps.fhwa.dot.gov/vtris/vtris.aspx

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