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Office of Policy and Governmental Affairs Staff Directory

1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
8th Floor
Routing Code: HPL
Fax Number: (202) 366-3590
Hours of Operations: Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 6:00pm EST

Name, Title, Phone Number Primary Responsibilities
David Kim
Associate Administrator
(202) 366-0585
Associate Administrator
Office of Policy and Government Affairs
Kimberly Wilkins
Special Assistant
(202) 366-9204
Special Assistant to the Associate Administrator
Shawn McIver
Executive Assistant
(202) 366-0585
Administrative and clerical support
Correspondence Control/Routing
Administrative and Financial Services Team
Kimberly Wilkins
Resource Management and Strategic Planning Team Leader
(202) 366-9204
Office operations oversight
Joseph Beckham
Administrative Staff
Team Leader
(202) 366-9632
Administrative program management and coordination
Regina Clarke
Administrative Officer
(202) 366-9203
Human Resources and Training Coordinator and management services
Terri Gordon
Transportation Specialist
(202) 366-6683
Funds Certification Officer, financial management and contract administration

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