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Transportation Investment: New Insights from Economic Analysis

Policy Forum—Convened February 23, 1999


Susan Binder, Federal Highway Administration
Gregory Bischak, Appalachian Regional Commission
Madeleine Bloom, Federal Highway Administration
John L. Carr, Kentucky Department of Transportation
John Collins, ITS America
Eugene Conti, U.S. Department of Transportation
Maryann Feldman, Center for Logistics and the Economy, The Johns Hopkins University
Barbara Fraumeni, Bureau of Economic Analysis
Miles Friedman, National Association of State Development Agencies
Charlie Han, Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Charles Hulten, University of Maryland
Arthur Jacoby, Federal Highway Administration
Anthony R. Kane, Federal Highway Administration
Ronald J. Kopicki, World Bank
Rick Kowalewski, U.S. Department of Transportation
Chris Kubik, Indiana Department of Transportation
Damian J. Kulash, Eno Transportation Foundation
T.R. Lakshrnanan, Center for Energy and Environmental Studies
Jim Lebenthal, Lebenthal and Company
Dennis Lebo, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Larry Magid, National Governors' Association
James March, Federal Highway Administration
Gary Maring, Federal Highway Administration
David Marks, Federal Highway Administration
Ron McCready, Transportation Research Board
Richard Mudge, Hagler Bailly Services, Inc.
Terrence Mulcahy, Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Ishaq Nadiri, New York University
Clyde Pyers, Maryland Department of Transportation
Edward Rastatter, National Industrial Transportation League
Edward Rosen, Eno Transportation Foundation
Kyle E. Schilling, Institute for Water Resources
Ashish Sen, Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Chad Shirley, University of California at Berkeley
Walter L. Sutton, Jr., Federal Highway Administration
James T. Taylor, Bear, Stearns & Co., Inc.
George I. Treyz, Regional Economic Models, Inc.
Curtis A. Wiley, Indiana Department of Transportation

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