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FLORIDA: Cordon Pricing in Lee County

The Town of Fort Myers Beach in Lee County, Florida, is an island community with a heavy influx of visitors during the tourist seasons. Access to the Town is provided by road at two points of entry. Travel within the Town can be challenging, particularly during the winter tourist season. Due to the relatively small land area and environmental issues, options for additional roadways on the island are not practical. Further, due to limited right-of-way on the only non-local road on the island, and the high financial and social costs of obtaining additional right-of-way, significant widening is not considered practical. The Town is studying the feasibility of introducing a new variable toll at both approaches to the Town.

July -- September 2003 update: The three mail back surveys were individually tabulated and analyzed. The survey report was drafted and the final report will be distributed at the end of October. Speed delay analysis was completed and the before conditions have been documented. Queue length data collection is ongoing. A good portion of time was spent dealing with the media and public officials.

For More Information Contact: Chris Swenson, P.E., CRSPE, Inc.; Phone (239) 573-7960, e-mail crs@crspe.com; or Margie Byers, CRSPE, Inc.; Phone (239) 573-7960, e-mail mwb@crspe.com.


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