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HPMS Software Guide Introduction

Maintaining information about our nation’s highways is a role filled by the Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS). Storage and display of information about the four million miles of public roads in the US is handled by a web based HPMS software application. The features of the current version of this application are described in the HPMS Software Guide for Version 8.0 released in April 2014. This Guide is a companion to the HPMS Field Manual which can be found on the Federal Highway Administration website ( All data collection and database definitions are contained in the Field Manual as opposed to this Software Guide.

HPMS Software Guide for Version 8.0 (PDF, 11.9 MB)

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What is In the Guide?

  • Recommended software workflow diagrams
  • Screen layout features and descriptions
  • Navigation hints and shortcuts
  • Detailed descriptions of each menu and tool within the software
  • Screen shots depicting sample data input and results
  • Explanations of tool features and outputs such as Import and Export functions
  • A full listing of the HPMS validations
  • Sample reports with report logic
  • Information about how to track, quit or delete user initiated software tasks

Who is the Intended Audience?

The Guide is written for anyone with access to the HPMS software system. The HPMS version 8.0 software is a secure system within the FHWA User Profile and Access Control System (UPACS). The Guide is intended for those with access to the HPMS software system, primarily State Department of Transportation (State DOT) staff who are involved with their State’s HPMS submission. The software is also available to FHWA Division offices who review submitted HPMS data as well as other FHWA staff assigned to the HPMS program or data extraction and review.

How to Use the Guide –

The Guide is written to help users navigate from the first screen through the final “submit” screen, but is also intended to be used as a reference for questions about software processes. The Table of Contents lists software functions by Menu name within the software with additional information for important software functions and workflows. Appendices provide detail about software validations and report types. Please see the image below for an overall summary of the HPMS software workflow as depicted on Page 2 of the HPMS Software Guide.

The HPMS Software Workflow –

See page 2 of the Software Guide for details.

HPMS Software Workflow