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Conclusion: Enhance HVUT

We've reached the end of the training course but before you move on to the final quiz, we would like to stress the importance of HVUT compliance one final time.

  • State decision makers and managers can invest more resources and time in HVUT compliance
  • State agents can request information on best practices in HVUT compliance, and obtain and review FHWA training material
  • FHWA division administrators can invest more time in conducting compliance reviews
  • FHWA division staff can perform thorough compliance reviews that use best practice techniques as outlined in the HVUT compliance review protocol
  • Motor carriers can take the time to understand the importance of the HVUT and ensure that it is always paid on time
  • Everyone can help get the word out on the importance of HVUT compliance

Everyone can make a difference. Please join the effort to enhance HVUT enforcement. For more information, please contact: Michael Dougherty, FHWA (202) 366-9234 or Ralph Davis, FHWA (202) 366-9235


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