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May 2012 Monthly Motor Fuel Reported by States

Created on: 8/27/2012

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Questions about the report

If you have questions concerning the report, contact:

Bryant L. Gross
Federal Highway Administration
Office of Highway Policy Information (HPPI)
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20590

Telephone: 202-366-5026
Facsimile: 202-366-7742


The Monthly Motor Fuel Reported by States report is only available on the FHWA Office of Highway Policy Information Website at the following address:

Data in the tables are subject to change because the States may revise and update their data. Effective with the May, 2005 report, the table MF-121T will no longer show tax rate changes during the year. The table only show the most current tax rate and the effective date.

In the event that a State has not yet reported data, the tables MF33G, MF33GA, MF33SF, and the Cover Sheet of this report will show estimates based on the State's previous years' data and that State's region percent change. If the previous year's data is unavailable, the estimate will be based on two years back. Estimated data for States are in bold fonts.

Note to Users of Monthly Motor-Fuel 'Retail Price' Data: Beginning with the May 2011 edition of the Monthly Motor Fuel Reported by States, the 'Retail Price Data' table will no longer be published. For information on the price of fuel, see the Energy Information Agency (EIA) website at the following link:

This is an electronic version of Publication No FHWA-PL-12-033