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Highway Information Seminar
  November 2011






Who We Are

Flowchart of the Office of Highway Policy Information. Including Recovery Act and Highway Funding, Motor Fuel and Tax Evasion, HPMS, and Travel Monitoring and Surveys Divisions. FHWA Office of Highway Policy Information David Winter, PE Recovery Act and Highway Funding Chris Allen Motor Fuel and Tax Evasion Ralph Erickson Highway System Performance Ralph Gillmann Travel Monitoring and Surveys Tianjia Tang, PE


Our Mission

Our mission is to support the development of various policies, legislation, and programs to enhance our transportation system through efficient and effective data collection and analysis on the physical, operational, and financial conditions of our transportation system.


Our Data Programs

  • Motor Fuel
  • Highway Performance
  • Monitoring System
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Highway Finance
  • Driver Licensing
  • Motor Vehicle Registration
  • National Household Travel Survey
  • Toll Facilities
  • Tax Evasion
  • Recovery Act Data System


Key FHWA Business Uses

  • Apportionment of Federal-aid Funds
  • Performance Measurement
  • FHWA Reports
  • Development of new programs and initiatives



  • Process for Distributing Highway Trust Fund (HTF) dollars to States
  • Legislated by formula
  • Driven by data submitted by State data providers

Major Programs Apportioned Using Data Submitted to OHPI

  • Interstate Maintenance
  • National Highway System
  • Surface Transportation Program
  • Equity Bonus


Apportionment Factors

Interstate Maintenance

  • 1/3 based on lane miles of I-System open to Traffic
  • 1/3 based on VMT on I-System open to Traffic
  • 1/3 based on State's annual contributions to the Highway Account of the HTF attributable to commercial vehicles

National Highway System

  • 25% based on total lanes miles of principal arterials
  • 35% based on VMT on principal arterials
  • 30% based on diesel fuel used on highways
  • 10% based on total lanes miles of principal arterials per capita

Surface Transportation Program

  • 25% based on total lane miles of Federal-aid highways
  • 40% based on VMT on lanes on Federal-aid highways
  • 35% based on estimated tax payments attributable to highway users in the States into the Highway Account of the HTF

Equity Bonus

  • Specified Percentage
  • 2005 – 2006 – 90.5%
  • 2007 – 91.5%
  • 2008 – 2009 – 92%
  • $38 billion over 5 years


Apportionments determined by OHPI Data

Highway Program FY 2009 Funding
(in Billions)
HPPI Share HPPI Determined
(in Billions)
Interstate Maintenance $5,199 100% $5,199
National Highway System $6,307 100% $6,307
Surface Transportation Program $6,577 100% $6,577
Highway Safety Improvement Program $1,296 60% $777.6
Recreational Trails Program $85 50% $42.5
Equity Bonus $9,093 100% $9,093
Total $28,557   $27,996.1


Performance Measures

  • FHWA program offices or "goal champions" determine performance measures
  • OHPI role is to help determine availability and suitability of existing data for use
  • Want to avoid multiple data collections of same data
  • Our emphasis is "collect once, use often"


Performance Measures

  • Highway-Related Fatalities per 100 Million VMT
  • Highway-Related Injuries per 100 Million VMT
  • % of VMT on NHS with IRI < 170
  • % of STRAHNET Miles with IRI < 170
  • Annual Hours of Delay
  • Congested Travel


Performance Measures

  • Highway-Related Fatalities per 100 Million VMT
  • Highway-Related Injuries per 100 Million VMT
  • % of VMT on NHS with IRI < 170
  • % of STRAHNET Miles with IRI <170
  • Annual Hours of Delay
  • Congested Travel


FHWA Reports

  • To Congress
  • To U.S. DOT
  • Office publications
  • Monthly trend reports
  • Recovery Act reports


Cover of the Conditions and Performance report.

Reports to Congress

Conditions & Performance Report

  • Extent of System
  • Roadway Condition
  • System Performance
  • Funding Sources
    • Federal, State, Local, Other
  • Expenditures by:
    • Improvement Type & Funding Source

Reports to U.S. DOT

  • Typically short-notice special reports on a wide variety of topics
    • Used to inform program and policy discussions
      • Present ideas
      • Study impacts
    • Respond to special requests
  • Information usually presented as a chart or map


NHS+ Components

Chart: Principal Arterial Roads at 218,360, STRAHNET 62,253, NHS+ 221,044, NHS Inter modal Connectors 2,454, NHS mainline 161,641, and NHS 164,098.  From the HPMS 2008.


Map showing 2005 Average Annual Daily Travel on the Interstate System.


U.S. Principal Arterial System
  Toll Facility Locations

Map showing Toll Facility routes on the Principal Arterial system.


Office Publications

Covers of Highway Statistics 2006 and Our Nation's Highways 2008.


Monthly Reports

Covers of the Monthly Motor Fuel Reported by States and the Traffic Volume Trends.

Graph shown Average Annual Daily Travel by Age.


Recovery Act Reports

  • Weekly list of projects
  • Statutory reports
    • Quarterly 1512
    • Periodic 1201(c)
    • Quarterly 1609 NEPA
  • Monthly reports
    • EDA
    • DBE
  • Special reports
    • Jobs
    • Accomplishments
    • Milestones
    • etc


Characteristics of Quality Data

  • Accurate
  • Timely
  • Complete
  • Meets expectations
  • Consistent across States


How do we improve data quality?

  • Provide reporting guidance
    • Guide to Reporting Highway Statistics
    • Traffic Monitoring Guide
    • HPMS Field Manual
    • RADS Guidance
  • Provide training and technical support
    • Onsite
    • Regional workshops
    • Remote