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Highway Statistics Series

Highway Statistics 2011

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Obligation for Federal Funds for Roadway Projects 1/


Year 2010

System Preservation 65%
New Route 11%
Capacity Addition 24%
Year 2011 = $17,301,304



Year 2009

System Preservation 63%
New Route 11%
Capacity Addition 26%
Year 2010 = $22,692,585



Year 2008

System Preservation 64%
New Route 11%
Capacity Addition 25%
Year 2009 = $31,367,445


1/ Data source is the Fiscal Management Information (FMIS). Capacity addition improvements include Relocation and Reconstruction-added capacity (now includes Major Widening). System preservation improvements include Restoration and Rehabilitation, Resurfacing, and Reconstruction-no added capacity (now includes Minor Widening). Excludes certain improvement types such as Safety/Traffic/Traffic System Management,, evnironment- ally related projects, special bridge programs and other projects.