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Federal-aid Program Administration

A Guide to Federal-Aid Programs and Projects

Table Of Contents By Appropriation Code

Appn CodeProgram, Project, Or Use
1Bond Iss-Prim
3Bond Iss-urban
4Bond Iss-inter
5Bond Iss-inter
6Bond Iss-u-sys
7Adv Const, Interstate 4R, ACI Projects
8Adv Const, Interstate, ACI Projects
9AC, Interstate Grade Xings, ACI E Projects
00AAdv Const, Fed-aid Demo Projects (308)
00BAdv Const, Federal-aid Minimum Allocation
00CAdv Const, Fed-aid Demo Projects (309)
00DAdv Const, HBRRP (114)
00EAdv Const, HBRRP (117)
00FAdv Const, HBRRP (118)
00GAdv Const, Research and Planning, E Projects
00HAdv Const, Research and Planning
00JAdv Const, Urban Trans Planning, E Projects
00KAdv Const, Urban Transportation Planning
00LAdv Const, Hazard Elimination, E Projects
00MAdv Const, Hazard Elimination Program
00NAC, Rail-Hwy Xings, Elim of Hazards, E Proj
00PAC, Rail-Hwy Xings, Elimination of Hazards
00RAC, Rail-Hwy Xings, Prot Devices, E Projects
00TAC, Rail-Hwy Xings, Protective Devices
10Consolidated Primary
11Prim 1 1/2% HPS
12Primary Constr
13Primary "G"
14D Funds Primary
15L Funds Primary
16Prim-Forest HWY
17D Funds Prim "G"
01APrimary- St Exp
01BConsolidated Primary, Priority, Sect 149(k)
01DGOE - Motor Carrier Safety - Payments to OST (TASC) FY 97
01EConsolidated Primary, TMFW
01LTMFW (83-84), Increased Share for Con Prim
01UTMFW (83-84), Increased Share for EG Ctr
01XConsolidated Primary TMFW- DC Only; P.L.
21Secondary 1 ½ percent HPS
23Secondary "G"
24D Funds Secondary
25L Funds Secondary
27D Funds Secondary "G"
02ARural Secondary Priority Projects (P.L. 100-17, Sec. 149(k))
31Urban 1 1/2% HPS
32Urban Extensions
33Urban Exten "G"
34D Funds Urban
35L Funds Urban
37D Funds Urban "G"
03AUrban Sys Attributable (P.L. 100-17, Sec. 149(k))
03BUrban Sys, Not Attributable (P.L. 100-17, Sec. 149(k))
41Interstate 1-1/2% Highway Planning Survey, 1956 (23 USC 307)
43Interstate, 100%
44Interstate 4R
45Interstate Gap Closing
46Interstate Gap Cls (P.L. 94-280, Sec. 102(b); 23 USC 104)
47Interstate System 3R (P.L. 94-280, Sec. 106; 23 USC 104)
04AInterstate System 4R NJ (P.L. 98-63, 97 Stat. 329)
04BInterstate 4R, Priority Projects (P.L. 100-17, Sec. 149(k))
04CInterstate, 1956
04DInterstate, 1956
04EInterstate Highway Grade Crossings Limitation (P.L. 100-17, Sec. 104; 23 USC 120 (d))
04FInterstate 4R, Vt Reimbursement (I-89 & I-91) Sec. 363, P.L.
04HInterstate Construction, Apportioned, 1/4% Skill Training
04JInterstate 4R, Apportioned, 1/4% Apportioned, 1/4% Skill Training
04LInterstate Maintenance, 100% for Safety
04MInterstate Maintenance
04NTMFW (83-84), Increased Share for I'state
04PInterstate, TMFW
04QInterstate Maintenance, TMFW
04RTMFW (83-84), Increased Share for I'state
04TInterstate 4R, TMFW
04VInterstate Substitution, Apportioned, TMFW
04WND Hwys Outside U.S. (Sec. 1006(h), P.L. 102-240)
04XInterstate Construction (042); DC; 23 USC 120(c), P.L. 104-21; TMFW
04YInterstate Maintenance (04M); DC; 23 USC 119, P.L. 104-21; TMFW
04ZInterstate 4R, 23 USC 104; (044); DC; P.L. 104-21;TMFW
50Interstate, 1/2 % Minimum
51Interstate 54 HPS
52Interstate Construction, 1/2% Minimum
53Interstate 54 "G"
54Interstate Discretionary
55Urgent Supplemental Interstate, Sec. 218 P.L.
56I-4R Discretionary Prior to 1991 ISTEA
57Interstate Discretionary "G", 10% RHC (23 USC 130)
58Interstate 4R Funds, Md I-83, (P.L. 98-229, Sec. 7)
59Interstate, 1/2 % Minimum App., 100 %
05AInterstate 4R, Md I-83 (P.L. 98-229, Sec. 7; 23 USC 104 (B)(5)(a))
05BInterstate 4R, Md I-83 (P.L. 98-229, Sec. 7; 23 USC 104 (B)(5)(a))
05CInterstate, 1/2 % Minimum, TMFW
05DInterstate Discretionary (Allocated, see Program Code 054)
05EInterstate Discretionary Funds (Allocated), Reference 05D/054)
05KInterstate 4R, Discretionary, 10% RHC (P.L. 100-17; 23 USC 118(b) (3), 130)
05RTMFW (83-84), Increased Share for I'state
05Z½ percent min app. G
60Interstate Discretionary, NJ I-287 (P.L. 98-63; 97 Stat. 329)
61Interstate 52 HPS
62Interstate 52
63Interstate 52 "G"
64I'state 4R Disc. (OR & WA only) Sec 373, P.L. 102-388
65Reimb I Seg Constr w/o Fed Asst; KS, P.L. 102-240, Section 1014(c); 23 USC
68TCS Preservation Pilot (Sec. 1221 TEA-21)
71Priority Primary Discretionary
72Bridges on Federal Dams
73Rural Primary
74Rural Primary "G"
75Rural Secondary
76Rural Secondary Hwys no Urban Extensions "G"(23 USC 130)
79Secondary 3R/4R, FY 1979-1982
07ARural Secondary, TMFW
07BCTR, Barry University, FL Sec. 334, P.L. 102-388
07FRural Secondary
07GSecondary 3R
07MTMFW (83-84), Incr Share Discret Pr Prim
07TTMFW (83-84), Increased Share for Rural Sec
07YTMFW (83-84), Increased Share for Rural Sec
80Highway P&R,1-1/2% FY-91 & Prior Years
81State P&R, 2% , FY-92 & Subsequent Years
82Metropolitan Planning, FY-91 & Prior Years
83Emer Relief, CA Earthquake, Fed-Aid Hwys, P.L. 101-130
84Emergency Relief, CA E'quake, Fed Owned Rds
85Metropolitan Planning, 1%, FY-92 & Subsequent
86State P&R, Mandatory 25% for R, D, & TT
87ER, P.L. 102-368, Stat. 106-1117, Not Subject to 23 USC 125(b)(1) & (2)
88Emergency Relief, Non-Cap Funds
89Emergency Relief, Non-Cap Funds
08AState P&R, 2%, TMFW
08CMetropolitan Planning, 1%, TMFW
08EState P&R, Mandatory 25% for R, D, & TT, TMFW
08F1-1/2% SPR, TMFW
08G1/2% Allocated Planning Funds, TMFW
90Emergency Relief
92Emergency Relief
93Emergency Relief, AK
94Emergency Relief
95Emergency Relief
96Emergency Relief
97Emergency Relief
98Emergency Relief, Fed-aid Highways
99Emergency Relief, Federally Owned Roads
09AEmergency Relief, Hurr Hugo, Fed-Aid Hwys
09BEmergency Relief, Hurr Hugo, Fed Owned Rds
09CER, Midwest Flood Sup App Act P.L. 103-75
09DER, Midwest Flood Sup App Act P.L. 103-75 (FLH Use Only)
09EER, Budget Authority, CA Earthquake, P.L. 103-211
09FER, CA Earthquake (23 USC 125) FLH ONLY
09GER, Budget Authority, P.L. 103-211 (Sup)
09HER, Budget Authority, Loma Prieta, CA (P.L. 103-211)
09KER, Other Disasters Supplemental, FLH ONLY (P.L. 103-211)
09LER , Flood (FMIS Only) (P.L. 104-134)
09MER, Flood (P.L. 104-134)
09NER, Other Disasters P.L. 104-208)
09PER, Other Disasters (P.L. 104-208)
09QER, Flood, FMIS Only
09RER, Flood
09TER, Flood, Other Disasters, P.L. 105-174
09UER, Flood, Other Disasters, P.L. 105-174
0AAUrban Access & Urban Mobility Projects, AC
0ABInterstate Maintenance, Advance Construction
0ACNHS, Advance Construction
0ADCMAQ, Advance Construction
0AEHigh Cost Bridge Projects, Advance Const
0AFCongestion Relief Projects, Advance Const
0AGAdvance Const. High Priority Projects
0AHHigh Priority Corr on the NHS, Adv Const
0AKRural Access Projects, Advance Construction
0ALUrban Access & Mobility Projects, Adv Const
0AMInnovative Projects, Advance Construction
0ANPriority Intermodal Projects, Adv Const
0APState P&R, Mand 25% R, D, & TT, Adv Const
0ARAdvance Const. STP, Safety
0ASAC, Inter. Main. G
0AUSTP Enhance - AC, 23 USC
0AVSTP Urb>200 - AC, 23 USC 133
0AWSTP Any Area -AC, 23 USC
0AXSTP Non-Urb.-AC, 23 USC
0AYSTP Sk Tng A/C, 23 USC
0AZSTP Sk Tng 1/4%
0BCSTP Haz Elm A/C
0BDSTP Less 200K
0BE1% PL Funds - AC, 23 USC 104(F)(1)
0BGSTP, any area-G
0BHSTP, non-Urb, AC-G
0BJSTP, Haz. Elim.-AC-G
0BKSTP, Urb. Area-AC-G
0BNSTP, Haz. Elim G
101Bond Issue
102ROW Revolving Fund
103Bond Issue Urban
104Bond Issue - I 56
105Bond Issue - I 54
106Economic Growth Center, Categorical
107Special Urban High Density, 81 & 87 Acts
109AC, Interstate Grade Xings, ACI Projects
10GEcon Growth Ctr
10VSp Urb Hi Dens
110Primary 3R/4R, FY 79-82
111Primary HPS
112Primary AK
113Bridge Replacement Demo Project
114HBRRP-Apport, Optional 20% On/Off F-A Hwy
115Bridge Replacement (Special)
116Acceleration of Bridge Projects
117HBRRP-Apportioned, Mandatory 15% Off F-A Hwys
118HBRRP-Apportioned, Mandatory 65% On F-A Hwys
119Bridge Discretionary, On F-A Highways
11ABr Repl, Opt. 20%, Off-Sys/On-Sys, P.L. 100-17, Sec. 149(k)
11BBr Repl, Mand. 15% Off-System, P.L. 100-17; Sec. 149(k)
11CBr Repl, Mand. 65% On-System, P.L. 100-17; Sec. 149(k)
11DHBRRP-Apport, Opt. 20% On/Off F-A Hwys, TMFW
11EHBRRP-Apport, Man. 15% Off F-A Hwys, TMFW
11FBr Replacement
11GHBRRP-Apport, Mand 65% On F-A Hwys, TMFW
11HBr Repl, 1/4% Skill Training (P.L. 101-164, Sec. 337)
11JBr Repl, Skill Training (P.L. 101-164, Sec. 337)
11KBr Repl, 1/4% Skill Training (P.L. 101-164, Sec. 337)
11LTMFW (83-84), Increased Share for Con Prim
11MBr Repl, Discretionary, On F-A Highways, TMFW
11NTimber Bridge Research Grants
11PTimber Bridge Construction Grants
11QTimber Bridge Tech & Info Transfer
11RTMFW (83-84), Increased Share for HBRRP
11SBr Repl, Opt 20% on/off Sys (114); DC; P.L. 104-21; TMFW
11TBridges on Indian Reservation Roads
11UBr Repl, Indian Reservation 1% Set-Aside
11VTMFW (83-84), Increased Share for HBRRP
11WTMFW (83-84), Increased Share for HBRRP
11XBr Repl, Mand. 65% on sys (118); DC; P.L. 104-21; TMFW
11YTMFW (83-84), Increased Share for HBRRP
11ZHBRRP, Indian Br; BIA Returned;Sec. 1028 P.L. 102-240,
121Secondary HPS AK
122Secondary AK
123Skill & DBE Tng, FY 87 & Before
124Transition Quarter, Non-Interstate
125Transition Quarter, Interstate
126Franconia Notch Demo Project
127Territories (71-82), GF
128Woodrow Wilson Bridge
129Union Station
12BSkill training after FY 198
12CDBE training after FY 1987
12DMinority Business Enterprise Program, (23 USC 140)
130Publicly Owned Facilities, MD I-170, P.L. 96-131, Sec. 311
131Urban HPS AK
132Urban AK
133Alaskan Assistance
134Special Urban High Density, 73, 76, & 78 Acts
135Great River Road, Categorical, FY-82 & After
136Everett Bypass Demo Project
137Traffic Control Signalization Demo
138Rail/Hwy Xings, Elim Hazards, FY 91 & Before
139Rail/Hwy Xings, Devices, FY 91 & Before
13EPublic Facilities, MD I-170, P.L. 100-71
13FOperation Lifesaver P.L. 100-17 & 100-202; 23 USC 130
13HRail Hwy Xings, Haz Elim, Sec. 337 P.L. 101-164
13JProtective Devices
13KProtective Devices
13LRail-Hwy Xings, Protective Devices, P.L. 101-164, Sec. 33
13MRail-Hwy Xings, Elimination of Hazards, TMFW
13NRail-Hwy Xings, Protective Devices, TMFW
13PRail-Hwy Xings Haz Elim, Sec. 1010, P.L. 102-240
13TTMFW (83-84), Increased Share for GRR
13WTMFW (83-84), Increased Share for Rail/Hwy
13YTMFW (83-84), Increased Share for Rail/Hwy
140Pavement Marking Demonstration Program
141Hazard Elimination, FY 1991 and Prior Years
142High Hazard Locations
143Bloomington Ferry Bridge Demo Project
144Elimination of Roadside Obstacles
145HES/ROS, High Hazard Locations
146HES/ROS, Elim of Roadside Obstacles
148Safer Roads Demo
149Hwy Safety R&D (P.L. 93-87, Sec. 202(4); 23 USC 403)
14GUniv. Trans Ctr, P.L. 101-516
14HHaz Elim, Sec. 337 P.L. 101-164,; 23 USC 140(b)
14JUniv. Trsp. Ctr , P.L. 102-143
14KHazard Elimination, TMFW
14MTMFW (83-84), Increased Share for Haz Elim
14XHaz Elim, 23 USC 152; (141); DC; P.L. 104-21; TMFW
14YHWY Safety R&D, Sec. 202(4) P.L. 93-87,; 23 USC 403)
150Intermodal Urban Demo Project
151Forest Highways, FY's 1972-1983 (1st Qtr)
153Public Lands, Pre-FY 1983
156Access Control Demo Projects
157Redwood Bypass Demo Project
158Integrated Motorist Info System
159Overseas Highway
15AMetro Plan, P.L. 102-368 Stat. 106-1117, Not Subj to 23 USC 125(b)(1) & (2)
15EForest Highways, Equipment Depot 23 USC 204;EFLH, CFLH & WFLH Divisions
15RForest Highways, Reimbursable Activities, 23 USC 204
160Minimum Allocation, 85%, FY-91 and Prior Yrs
161Baltimore-Washington Parkway
163Indian Reservation Rds, FY-83 and Subsequent
168Rail Hwy Cr Demo
169Acosta Bridge
16AMinimum Allocation, 1/2% Met Planning (P.L. 100-17, Sec. 124)
16BMinimum Allocation, 1-1/2% HPand R (P.L. 100-17, Sec. 124)
16CBaltimore-Washington Parkway, FHWA (1970 Act), FLH Only
16FIndian Reservation Roads, P.L. 97-424, 23 USC 202(e)
16LTMFW (83-84), Increased Share for Min Alloc
171Nat Ridesharing Discretionary, Tech Assist
172Nat Ridesharing Discretionary, Grants/Loans
174Nat Ridesharing Discretionary, Grants/Loans
175Nat Ridesharing Discretionary, Tech Assist
176Intermodal Urban Demo Project
177I'state Sub, FY-84 and After, Apport Funds
178I'state Sub, FY-84 and After, Discret Funds
17AInterstate Transfer, New York, 1986
17D7I'state Transfer, 23 USC 103(e)(4); Sec. 129 P.L. 100-1
17EI'state Transfer, Bicycle Program (23 USC 217(b)(1))
17FI'state Transfer, Discretionary; Bicycle 23 USC 217(b)(1)
17GIntermodal Urban Demo Project
17HInterstate Transfers, Discretionary, TMFW
17VTMFW (83-84), Increased Share for I'state
17WTMFW (83-84), Increased Share for I'state
17XI'state Trans, 23 USC 103(e)(4), (177); DC; P.L. 104-21
180Park Roads
181Forest Highways, FY 1983 Allocated
182Strategic Highway Research Prog, FY's 87-91
183Public Lands, FY's 1983-1991
184Alaska Highway, Consolidated Primary
185Minimum Allocation "G"
186Talmadge Bridge
187Interstate, Shakwak Project
188Interstate, I-287 Bypass
189Alaska Highway, Funds Transferred to Canada
18AAlaska Highway, Funds Transferred to Canada
18BAlaska Highway, Funds Transferred to Canada
18CChief Joseph Scenic Highway (P.L. 101-164, Section 344)
18DBaltimore-Washington Parkway
18EPublic Lands, FY 1992 and Subsequent Years
18FPLH, FYs 1992 and Subsequent Years (FLH ONLY)
18GPLH, FYs 83 & Subsequent Years, 23 USC 202(c), FLH
190Motor Carrier Safety Grants, FY 1984-1987
191Forest Highways, FY's 1984-1991 Allocated
192I'state Trans, 10% Rail Hwy Grade Xings, 23 USC 103(e)(4)
193Zilwaukee Bridge, Interstate Funds, P.L. 98-473
194Intermodal Urban Demo Project
195Consolidated Primary-Priority Primary Routes, No. 97-424, 23 USC 120 (j))
196Consolidated Primary, I-4R
197Con. Prim., 20% Mand. 3R I-4R, Sec. 117(a) P.L. 97-424
198Motor Carrier Safety Grants, FY 1985-1988
199I'state 4R, Priority Primary,No. 97-61; 23 USC 120(j)
19AForest Highways, FY 1992 and Subsequent Years
19TTMFW (83-84), Increased Share for Con Prim
1AAI'state Transfers to FTA, Transit , Sec 1011(b) P.L. 102-240
1ABMT U.S. 93 Feasibility Study Section 352, P.L. 102-388
1ACI'state Trans, Discretionary FTA, Sec 1011(b), P.L. 102-240
1ADDiscretionary Br, John F. Limehouse Mem Br, Sec. 101(b)(2) P.L. 104-324
200AID Activity
210Motor Carrier Safety Grants, FY 1986-1989
211Motor Carrier Safety Grants, FY 1987-1989
212Motor Carrier Safety Grants Contract Auth
213CDL Information System Grants, P.L. 99-570
214CDL Program (P.L. 99-570, Sec. 12005) Adm Grants
215CDL Sup Grants (P.L. 99-570; Sec. 12005)
21ACommercial Drivers Lic, Basic Grant (87-91)
21BCommercial Drivers Lic, Supp Grant (89-19)
21CCDL, Clearinghouse Grant (89-91)
21DMotor Carrier Safety Grants W.O. HQ Only (P.L. 99-591)
220Los Angeles Freight to Water Demo Project
221Shoreline Erosion Prevention Demo Project
222Traffic Congestion Demonstration Project
223Acceleration of Construction Demo Project
224Certification of State Procedures Demo Proj
225Devil's Lake Road Erosion Demo Project
226Intra coastal Waterway Bridge Demo Project
227Railroad & Truck Safety Demo Project
228State-of-the-Art Technology Demo Gap Closing
229Usable Segments Demonstration Project
244Nat Ridesharing Demo, UMTA Section 6 Funds
245Reimbursable contracts with other Government agencies
248R&D Admin Funds
251Reimbursable Studies performed for OST, DOT (P.L. 100-202)
252Transit FTA funded, Sec. 1024(k) & 3012(k), P.L. 102-240
261SHRP Activities for services paid by NAS
279NHI, Training (P.L. 99-500, FY 1989 expenses)
280Agreements with Bureau of Transportation Statistics
281Agreements with National Highway Traffic Safety Admin
282Agreements with the Federal Transit Administration
283Agreements with the Office of The Secretary
300Highway Safety & Economic Dev Demo Project
301Airport Access Demo Project, Ontario
302Highway Safety Improvement Demo Project
303Highway-Railroad Grade Sep Demo
304Nuclear Waste Transportation Safety Demo
305Roosevelt Bridge Capacity Improvements
306Airport Access Highway Demo
307Section 149 (1987 STURAA) Demo Projects
308UT Pedestrian Safety Demo, Sec 149c funds
309Section 149 (1987 STURAA) Demo Projects
310Federal-aid Funded Studies (P.L. 100-17, Sections 158, 159, 164, 165, 167)
311Vehicular & Pedestrian Safety Demo Project
312Corridor Safety Improvement
313Bridge Capacity Improvements
314Highway Demonstration Projects, Trust Fund, (P.L. 102-143)
315National Highway System (NHS)
316NHS Economic Growth Center, Sec 417 P.L.102-388
317Funding Restoration, Allocation Formula, P.L. 104-59
318Funding Restoration, Urban Over 200,000, P.L. 104-59
319Funding Restoration, Transportation Planning, P.L. 104-59
31ANHS-100% Federal Participation for Safety
31CNHS, Temporary Matching Fund Waiver
31DNHS-Discretionary, 100% for Safety
31FState P&R, NHS-Territories
31GNHS Economic Growth Center, Sec. 417 P.L. 102-388,
31HFunding Restoration, Research & Planning, P.L. 104-59
31JFund Restor, Sec 202 Projects, Sec 203(c) P.L. 104-59
31KState Unobligated Balance Flexibility, Sec 204 P.L. 104-59
31LState Unobligated Balance Flexibility Allocation Formula
31MCongestion Pricing Pilot Program Transfers (P.L. 104-59, S 203(c)), FTA administered Funding Restoration
31NFunding Restoration, Allocation Formula, (1995 NHSDA, S 202(b)), FTA administered
31PFunding Restoration, Urban over 200,000; (1995 NHSDA, S 202(e)), FTA administered
31XNHS; 23 USC 103, (315); DC Only; P.L. 104-21; TMFW
320Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality (CMAQ)
322Inter-American Highway, FHWA
323IVHS, Corridors Prog, Prior Urban Corridor
324IVHS, Corridors Prog, Other Corrs & Areas
325IVHS, Other Activities, Innovative, High Risk
326IVHS, Other Activities
327Ferry Boat & Ferry Terminal Facilities
328Bureau of Transportation Statistics, ISTEA Section 6006 (HPL)(HFS)
329University Transportation Centers, ISTEA Section 6023
32ACMAQ, 100%, Rail-Highway Grade Crossings
32CScenic Byways, P.L. 102-240 S 1047, All from 332 for FMIS Obligations
32DCMAQ; 23 USC 149 (320); DC Only; P.L. 104-21;TMFW
32FSTP, 1/16% Skill Tng, 91 ISTEA S 6002; 23 USC 321, TMFW (DC Only, P.L. 104-21)
32GFerry Boats & Facilities, P.L. 102-240 Secs. 1064, 134(k) 23 U.S.C., adm by FTA
32XSTP, Trans Enhancement (33B); DC Only; P.L. 104-21; TMFW
32YSTP, Urban Areas over 200,000 (33C); DC Only; P.L. 104-21; TMFW
32ZSTP, Any Area (33D); DC Only; P.L. 104-21; TMFW
331University Research Institutes, P.L. 102-240 Section 6024 (HRD (HFS))
332Scenic Byways Program
333Interim Scenic Byways Program
334Highway Use Tax Evasion Projects
335Seat Belts & Motorcycle Helmets
336Alcohol Imp. Dr., 23 USC 153 (91 ISTEA S 2004)
337Internat. Tr. Regis. Uniform. Working Group, P.L. 102-240 S 4008(a)
338International Truck Registration Uniformity Grants, P.L. 102-240 S 4008(e)
339STP, Single Code, FMIS; 23 USC 133
33ASTP-Optional Safety
33BSTP-Transportation Enhancement
33CSTP-Urbanized Areas With Populations >200,000
33DSTP-State Flexible
33ESTP-Mandatory Amount for Non-Urban Areas
33FSTP-1/16% Skill Tng (23 USC 321(b), NHI)
33GSTP-Optional Safety, TMFW
33HSTP-Transportation Enhancement, TMFW
33JSTP-Urbanized Areas >200,000, TMFW
33KSTP-State Flexible, TMFW
33LSTP-Mandatory for Non-Urban Areas, TMFW
33MSTP-Rail-Hwy Xings, Protective Devices
33NSTP-Rail-Hwy Xings, Elimination of Hazards
33PSTP-Hazard Elimination Program
33QSTP-Optional Safety, 100 %
33RSTP-Transportation Enhancement, 100 %
33SSTP-Urbanized Areas >200,000, 100 %
33TSTP-State Flexible, 100 % for Safety
33UInternational Truck Registration, P.L. 102-240 S 4008(e)
33WSTP-Mandatory for Non-Urban Areas, 100 %
33XSTP-Rail-Hwy Xings, Protect Devices, 100 %
33YSTP-Rail-Hwy Xings, Elim of Hazards, 100%
33ZSTP-Hazard Elimination Program, 100 %
340Hwy Widen/Improve Demo Project, P.L. 102-388
341Highway Demonstration Projects P.L. 102-388
342Climb Lane & Hwy Safety Demo Project, P.L. 102-388
343PA Reconstruction Demonstration Project, P.L. 102-388
344PA Toll Road Demonstration Project, P.L. 102-388,
345AL Hwy Bypass Demonstration Project, P.L. 102-388
346KY Bridge Demonstration Project, P.L. 102-388
347VA HOV Safety Demonstration Project, P.L. 102-388
348Urban Highway Corridor Demonstration Project, P.L. 102-388
349Urban Airport Access Safety Demo Project, P.L. 102-388
34AMinimum Allocation, 90%, Any Areas
34BMinimum Allocation, 90%, Urb Areas >200,000
34CMinimum Allocation, 90%, Areas <200,000
34DMinimum Allocation, 90%, Mand Non-Urb Area
34EMinimum Allocation, 90%, Metro Planning
34FMinimum Allocation, 90%, State P&R
34GHI Demo Funds Transferred to CFLH for Saddle Road Project
34XScenic Byways, 23 USC 101; (32C); DC; P.L. 104-21
34YSTP, Hazard Elim; 23 USC 132; (33P); DC; P.L. 104-21
35ADonor State Bonus, Any Areas
35BDonor State Bonus, Urban Areas >200,000
35CDonor State Bonus, Areas <200,000
35DDonor State Bonus, Mand for Non-Urban Areas
360High Cost Bridge Projects
361Congestion Relief Projects
362High Priority Corridors on the NHS
363High Prior Corr on the NHS, Feas Studies
364High Prior Corr on the NHS, Revolving Fund
365Rural Access Projects
366Urban Access & Urban Mobility Projects
367Innovative Projects
368Priority Intermodal Projects
369Congestion Pricing Pilot Program
36AHigh Cost Bridge Projects, TMFW
36BCongestion Relief Projects, TMFW
36CHigh Priority Corridors on NHS, TMFW
36DHigh Priority Corridors on NHS, TMFW
36ERural Access Projects, TMFW
36FUrban Access & Urban Mobility Projects, TMFW
36GInnovative Projects, TMFW
36HPriority Intermodal Projects, TMFW
36JCongestion Relief, (FLH) Sec 1104, P.L. 102-240
36KNHS High Priority Corridors, (FLH), P.L. 102-240 S 1105
36LRural Access Projects, (FLH), P.L. 102-240 S 1106(a)
36MInnovative Projects, (FLH), P.L. 102-240 Section 1107
36NCongestion Pricing Pilot, W.O., P.L. 102-240 S 1012(b)
36PWoodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge, P.L. 104-59, S 410
36RMiller Hwy, FRA, P.L. 102-240 S1106(B)(2)9
36TAppalachian Development Hwy Sys, P.L. 104-208 S 5503
370Model Intermodal Trans Plans Sec 5003 P.L. 102-240
371Transportation Assistance, Sec 6004 P.L. 102-240
372Strategic Hwy Research Program, FY's 92-97
373Applied Research & Technology Program
374Seismic Research Program
375Asphalts and Modified Asphalts, Sec 6016 P.L. 102-240
376Uniform Traffic Control Devices, Sec 1061 P.L. 102-240
377Infrastructure Awareness Program
378Howard Info Center, Sec 6023(b)(8)(B)(iii) P.L. 102-240
379Nat Ctr Adv Tsp Tech, Sec 6023(b)(10)(C) P.L. 102-240
37ATrans Asst, Tech Trans Ctrs, Sec 6004 PL 102-240
37BTrans Asst, Tech Trans Ctrs, Sec 6004 PL 102-240
37CEisenhower Fellow, Sec 6001 PL 102-240, 23 USC 307(a)(1)
37DHeated Br Technologies, Prog Funds, P.L. 102-240 S 6005
37EHeated Br Technologies, Admin. Funds, P.L. 102-240 S 6005
37FElastomer Mod Asphalt, Progr Funds, P.L. 102-240 S 6005
37GElastomer Mod Asphalt, Admin. Funds, P.L. 102-240 S 6005
37HHigh Per Cement, Prog Funds, P.L. 102-240 S 6005
37JHigh Per Cement, Admin. Funds, P.L. 102-240 S 6005
37KThin Bonded Overlay, Program Funds, P.L. 102-240 S 6005
37LThin Bonded Overlay, Admin. Funds, P.L. 102-240 S 6005
37MAll Weather Pave Marking Prog Funds, P.L. 102-240 S 6005
37NAll Weather Pave Marking Admin. Funds, P.L. 102-240 S 6005
37PApplied Research & Technology Prog P.L. 102-240 S 6005
37RApplied Research AR, LA & OK, Sec 6005 PL 102-240
37TStrategic Hwy (SHRP) Implementation (Activity 050)
37UApplied R & T, Border States, Sec 6005 PL 102-240
37WApplied R & T Prog, PL 102-240 S 6005 (FMIS Only)
37XApplied R & T Prog, FMIS Only
380Strategic Hwy (SHRP) Implementation, PL 102-240 S 6001
381Hwy Use Tax Evasion, Sec 1040 PL 102-240
382IVHS, Corridors, Urban, Sec 6056 & 6058 PL 102-240
383Border Xings, S 6015 P.L. 102-240, S 310(c)(3) P.L. 102-388
384National Recreational Trails, S 8003 PL 102-240
385DOT Off Intermodalism
386Comm to Pro In, PL 102-388, S 310(C)(3)
387Heated Br. Tech (91 ISTEA S 6005)
388Univ Grants, FL & NC, S 801 PL 102-368, S 6024 PL 102-240
389IVHS Activities, Admin. Obligations, P.L. 102-240 S 6058(b)
38ARecreational Trails, Admin. Funds, P.L. 102-240 S 8003
38BNat Rec Trails, St Adm Costs, up to 7%; PL 102-240 S 8003
38CNat Rec Trails, St Env Protect & Safety Ed Costs , up to 5% P.L. 102-240 S 8003
38DBorder Xings, Canada & Mexico, P.L. 102-240 S 6015
38ERecreational Trails, P.L. 102-240 S 8003
390IVHS, PL 102-240 S 6056-60588
391IVHS, PL 102-240 S 6058 (B)
392IVHS, Innovative High Risk, P.L. 102-240 S 6058(c)
393Thin Bonded Overlay (91ISTEA S 6005)
394All Weather Pavement (91ISTEA S 6005)
396IVHS, Innovative/High Risk R&D (Ref Code 390)
397IVHS, Adm Obligations, Priority Urban, (Ref Code 390)
398IVHS, Other Corridor, Adm Obligations (Ref Code 390)
399Nat'l Comm Inter-M Trans, PL 102-240 S 5005; P.L. 103-122
39AIVHS, Innovative High Risk P.L. 102-240, Sec. 6058(c)
3AASTP-Other Than 200,000 Population
3ABSTP-<200,000 Population, TMFW
3ACSTP-<200,000 Population, 100%
3ADSTP-1/4 % Skill Training
3AESTP-TMFW Rail-Hwy Xings/Protective Devices
3AFSTP-TMFW Rail-Hwy Xings/Hazard Elimination
3AGSTP-TMFW-1/16 % NHI Skill Training
3AHSTP-TMFW Hazard Elimination Program
3AJSTP-TMFW 1/4 % Skill Training
3AKSTP-FTA Urbanized Areas >200,000 Population
3ALSTP-FTA Optional Safety
3AMSTP-FTA Transportation Enhancement
3ANSTP-FTA State Flexible
3APSTP-FTA Mandatory Amount for Non-Urban Areas
3ARSTP-FTA Rail-Hwy Xings, Protective Devices
3ATSTP-FTA Rail-Hwy Xings, Elim of Hazards
3AWSTP-FTA Hazard Elimination Program
3AYSTP-FTA Other Than 200,000 Population
3BAUrban Access & Mobility to FTA, P.L.102-240 S 1106(b)
3BBPriority Intermodal to FTA, Sec 1108, P.L. 102-240
3BCMinimum Allocation to FTA, Urban over 200,000, P.L. 102-240 S 1013
3BDCongestion Relief Projects to FTA, P.L. 102-240 S 1104
3BFInnovative Proj, P.L. 102-240 S 1107; FTA Adm(XRef 367)
3BKRural, P.L. 102-240 S 1106(a); Transit FTA Administered
3BM1% Apportioned Planning Funds, 23 USC 134
3BP2% Hwy P&R; 23 USC 307(c)(1)
3CAMinimum Allocation, 50% in Any Area, Transit Projects
3CCMinimum Allocation, Any Area, Transit Projects
3DADonor State Bonus Minimum, 50% in Any Area, Transit
3DBDonor State Bonus, Population over 200,000, Transit
3DCDonor State Bonus Minimum, Any Area, Transit Projects
3TKSTP Urbanized Areas, Population over 200,000 TMFW
3TLSTP Safety, ISTEA Section 1007, TMFW
3TMSTP Transportation Enhancement Activities, TMFW
3TPSTP Mandatory Amount for Non-urban Areas TMFW
3TRSTP Rail-Highway Crossings, Protective Devices TMFW
3TTSTP Rail-Highway Crossings, Elimination of Hazards,TMFW
3TWSTP Hazard Elimination Program,TMFW
3TYSTP Areas of less than 200,000 Population TMFW
3UAInterim Scenic Byways Program (Section 1047 of ISTEA)
400Mineola (N.Y.) Grade Crossing, P.L. 99-591; P.L. 103-122
401NHI, Fed-aid Hwys & Hwy Safety, PL 105-130 S 1519
402Eisenhower Trans Fellowship Program
403Operation Lifesaver
404Transportation Assistance Program, PL 102-240 Sec. 6004
411Indian Reservation Rds, FY-98 and Subsequent
412Indian Reservation Rds, FY-98 and Subsequent
413Public Lands Highways, allocated to States, Sec. 1101(a)(8)(B)
414Public Lands Highways, allocated to States, (23 USC 202(c))
415Forest Highway, National Forest Service, Sec. 1101(a)(8)(B)
417Parkways and Park Roads
419Refuge Roads
41AIndian Reservation Roads, Sec. 1101(a)(8)(B)
424Miscellaneous Studies, Reports, and Projects P.L. 105-178
425Alcohol-Impaired Driving Countermeasures Sec. 2004, P.L. 105-178
431Surface Transportation Research, Sec. 5001(a)(1),5001(c)(1)(D), 5116, P.L. 105-178
433Technology Deployment Program, Sec. 5117, P.L. 105-178
435Training & Education, NHI Sec. 5001(c)(3), P.L. 105-178
437Bureau of Statistics Sec. 5001(a)(4), P.L. 105-178
499Infrastructure Finance, Sec 1503, Sub 188(a)(1) P.L. 105-178
40ALTAP, PL 105-130 S. 1519
500Intersection Safety Demonstration Project
501Highway Capacity Improvement Demo Project
502Climbing Lane Safety Demonstration Project
503Indiana Industrial Corridor Safety Demo Proj
504Oklahoma Highway Widening Demo Project
505Alabama Highway Bypass Demonstration Project
506Kentucky Bridge Demonstration Project
507Virginia HOV Safety Demonstration Project
508Urban Highway Corridor Demonstration Project
509Urban Airport Access Safety Demo Project
510Corridor H Improvement Project (WV)
511Road Extension Demonstration
512Bridge Restoration (Chattanooga, TN)
513Reservation Road
514International Zaragosa Bridge (El Paso, TX)
515Ebensburg Bypass Demonstration Project (PA)
516Expressway Safety Improvement Demo Project
517AL Feasibility Study
518Highway Widening Demonstration Project
519Projects in 1990-91 DOT Appropriations Act
520Des Moines Inner Loop Demo Project (IA)
521Corridor G Improvement Project (US-119) (WV)
522Corning Bypass (SR-17) Sfty Demo Project (NY)
523Spring Mountain Demonstration Project (NV)
524Manhattan Bridge Replace Demo Project (KS)
525Junction City Hwy Improvement Demo Proj (KS)
526Reconstruction(Haws Pike, Windber Bypass)
527PA Toll Road Demo-Monongahela Valley Express
528Projects in 1991 & 1992 DOT Approp Acts
529Corridor D Improvement Project (HFS Memo 12/5/90)
52AHighway Demonstration Projects, TMFW
530Bypass Construction Project - Wierton (WV)
531Turquoise Trail Project-Hopi & Navajo Res
532Trade Enhancement Demo SR-189, Nogales (AZ)
533Ottumwa Road Extension Project (IA)
534Iowa Connector Project - Council Bluffs
535US-20 Realignment Early to Ft Dodge (IA)
536Ramp Relocation & Reconstr (I-94, Milwaukee)
537US-54 Interchange at Dugan St - Wichita (KS)
538Bridge Improvement Demonstration Project
539Highway Safety Improvement Demonstration Project.
540Projects in 1992 DOT Appropriations Act
541Projects in 1992 DOT Appropriations Act
542Motor Carrier Safety, Research and Development.
543Highway Studies, FLH
544Baltimore-Washington Parkway
545Orange County, CA Toll Roads Demonstration Projects
546Orange County, CA Toll Roads Demo, Authority to Borrow
547Appalachian Corridor, PL 102-240 Sec. 1069(y)
548Cumberland Gap Tunnel Project, P.L. 102-240 S 1069(c)
549No. 4 Bridge, AR, PL 103-122
54AOrange County, CA Toll Roads Demonstration Projects
54BOrange County, CA Toll Roads Demonstration Projects
54CAppalachian Development Highway System P.L. 105-66
550Congestion Mitigation, NY Rtes 5 & 92 PL 102-240 S 1069(bb)
551I-287 Cross Westchester HOV Project, PL 102-240 S 1069(ff)
552NY Exit 26 Br, PL 102-240 S 1069(b); P.L. 103-122
553Col. Gor. Hwy, OR, PL 103-122
554Man. Battlefield B, PL 103-122
555Border Hwy Proj, PL 103-122
556KY Bridge Proj, PL 103-122
557High-Priority Corridors Subsidy (Financing) P.L. 103-331
558Hg Pr Cor, PL 103-331, Indefinite Borrowing Auth
559Surface Transportation Projects, P.L. 103-331
55ASurface Transportation Projects, P.L. 103-331, FLHD
561Infrastructure Finance, S 1503, Subs.188(a)(2), P.L. 105-178
573Motor Carrier Safety, FHWA Fiscal Year 1993
576Motor Carrier Safety, FHWA, 1996
577Motor Carrier Safety, FHWA, 1997
580I'state Substitution, Before FY-84, from GF
581Mianus Bridge Emergency Assistance
582Hwys Crossing Fed Projects (Reapprop Funds)
583Auto/Pedestrian Separation Demo Project
584Highway Safety Separation Demo Project
585AHL, FY 1984 categorical funds
586AHL, FY 1985 categorical funds
587Bridge Improvement Demonstration Project
588Highway Bridge Relocation Demo Project
589Highway Bypass Demonstration Project
590Accelerated Highway Widening Demo Project
591Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) Roads
592Highway Widening Demonstration Project
593Traffic Improvement Demonstration Project
594SIB Program (P.L. 104-205)
5A6Revenues and Reimbursements to HTF for ICC
5A7ICC Transfer - Reimbursable Activities & Revenue, FY 1997
5BEHwy Demo to FTA, PL 102-143 S 929; PL 102-240 S1024
5BHSTPs, Appropriated in PL 103-331, Administered by FTA
5TBState Infrastructure Bank Program - Transit Projects
600AHL, "No-Year" categorical funds
601Coop Work, Forest Hwys, EFLH, CFLH and WFLH; HTF
604Technical Assistance from Foreign Governments, FHWA
605Deposits Only -TA from Foreign Countries (US $Dollars)
606Forest HWY Prewar
607Hwy-Related Safety Grants, 1972 & Sub Yrs
608Forest Highways
610PLH, Liquidation of Contract Authorization, FHWA
611Woodrow Wilson Br Construction GF
614IHTOP, Pan American Hwy Institute
615Great River Road, Categorical, FY-81 & Prior
616Rural Highway Public Transportation Demo
617AK Highway (GF)
619Sandhill Refuge
61AInternational Highway Transportation Outreach Program
61BIHTOP (Receipt Fund Only)
61CAK Highway (1973 Act S 127, 23 USC 218) Adm
620Public Lands
621Territorial Highways, FHWA (23 USC 215)
622Territories (71-82), GF
623Territories (71-82), GF
624Territories (71-82), GF
625Territories (71-82), GF (NHTSA)
626Territories (71-82), GF
627Off-System Roads
628AHL, FY's 1976-1978 categorical funds
629Off-Sys Rds, 10% Rail-Hwy, 23 USC 219
630Contributions for Hwy Research Prog, FHWA (23 USC 307)
631Acc Hwy Pub Rec
632Adv State & Foreign (23 U.S.C 308(a))
633Bikeway Demonstration
634Adv Other Fed Agen (23 USC 308(a)) Admin
635Improvement of Pentagon Road Network
636Deposits Only - Advances from Other Federal Agencies
637AHL, FY's 1978-1980 categorical funds
638ARC Funds for Appalachian Development Hwys
639ARC Funds for Local Access Roads
63AAdv from Other Fed Agen
63BAdv for Other Fed Agen
63YMaintenance, Yosemite Nat'l Pk Rds (Transfer to FHWA)
640Deposits Only - (IHTOP)
641ARC Funds for Appalachian Development
642ARC Funds for Local Access Roads
643Highways Crossing Federal Projects
644Territories (71-82), GF
645Territories (71-82), GF
646Control of Outdoor Advertising, FY 1966
647Control of Outdoor Advertising, FY 1967
649Control of Outdoor Advertising, FY 70-73, 75
64AControl of Outdoor Advertising, Deobligated
650Darien Gap Highway, FHWA (1970 Act)
655AHL, FY's 1979-1981 categorical funds
656Junkyard Control, FY 1966 funds
657Junkyard Control, FY 1967 funds
659Junkyard Control, FY's 1970-1973 and 1975
65AJunkyard Control, Deobligated 659 Funds
660Territories (71-82), GF
664Access Hwy Public Recreation
665AHL, FY's 1983-1984 categorical funds
666Landscaping & Scenic Enhancement, FY 1966
667Landscaping & Scenic Enhancement, FY 1967
669Landscaping & Scenic, FY's 70-73, 75
670Rail Line Consolidation Demo Project
671Airport-Highway Demonstration
672Expressway Gap Closing Demo Project
679Safer Off-System Roads, Bridge Inventory
680Safer Off-System Roads, Construction
681SOS "G"
685Rail/Hwy Xings, Off-System, Elim Hazards
686Rail/Hwy Xings, Off-System, Devices
688Control of Outdoor Advertising, FY 77-82
689Junkyard Control, FY 1977 and After
690Chamizal Hwy
691AK Assistance
693RR Relocation Demo Program (NE Corridor)
694Bicycle Grants
697RR Relocation Demo Program (19 Cities)
699Control of Outdoor Advertising, Bonus claims
69ARail-Hwy Xing Demo; P.L. 103-331 S 324 (FMIS Only)
700Construction/Acquisition, USDA (Transfer to DOT, FHWA)
701Forest Mgmt
702Forest Mgmt
704Construction, Dept. Of Agriculture, US Forest Service
708Commercial Drivers Lic, Supp Grant (87-88)
709CDL, Information System Grant (87-89)
70ACDL Program, Testing of Operators, NHTSA Transfer to FHWA
710NPS Lake Koocanusa Br, USDA (Transfer to DOT, FHWA)
71KNat'l Park Service Transfer to DOT
71LNat'l Park Service System (DOI)
71MNat'l Park Service Operation
71NNPS Operation, DOI Transfer to DOT, FHWA
71POperation, DOI (TRF to DOT, FHWA) Gross Administration
720Operation and Maintenance, Air Force
721Operation and Maintenance, Air Force
722Operation and Maintenance, Air Force
723Operation and Maintenance, Air Force
724Defense Access Roads
725Defense Access Roads
726Defense Access Roads
727Defense Access Roads
728Defense Access Roads
729Defense Access Roads
72AOperation and Maintenance, Air Force
72BOperation and Maintenance, Air Force
72COperation and Maintenance, Air Force
72DOperation and Maintenance, Air Force
72EOperation and Maintenance, Air Force
72FOperation and Maintenance, Air Force
72GOperation and Maintenance, Air Force
72HOperation and Maintenance, Air Force
72JOperation and Maintenance, Air Force
72KAir Force(Transfer to DOT, FHWA)
72LAir Force (Transfer to DOT, FHWA)
72MDefense Access Roads
72NOperation and Maintenance, Air Force
72POperation and Maintenance, Air Force
72QDefense Access Roads
72ROperation and Maintenance, Air Force
72TOperation and Maintenance, Air Force
72UDefense Access Roads
72VOperation and Maintenance, Air Force
72WOperation and Maintenance, Air Force
72XOperation and Maintenance, Air Force
72YOperation and Maintenance, Air Force
72ZOperation and Maintenance, Air Force
730Military Construction, Navy
731Military Construction, Navy
732Military Construction, Navy
733Defense Access Roads
734Defense Access Roads
735Defense Access Roads
736Defense Access Roads
737Defense Access Roads
738Defense Access Roads
739Defense Access Roads
73ADefense Access Roads
73CDefense Access Roads
73EMilitary Construction, Navy
73FMilitary Construction, Navy
73GMilitary Construction, Navy
73HMilitary Construction, Navy
73JMilitary Construction, Navy
73KMilitary Construction, Navy
73LDefense Access Roads
73MDefense Access Roads
73NDefense Access Roads
73PDefense Access Roads
73QDefense Access Roads
73RMilitary Construction, Navy
73SMilitary Construction, Navy
73TMilitary Construction, Navy
73UMilitary Construction, Navy
73VDefense Access Roads
73WDefense Access Roads
73XMilitary Construction, Navy
73YDefense Access Roads
73ZMilitary Construction, Navy
740Construction Washington Airport
741Construction Washington Airport
742Construction Washington Airport
743Construction Washington Airport
744Construction Washington Airport
745Construction Washington Airport
746Construction Washington Airport
747Construction Washington Airport
748Defense Access Roads
749Defense Access Roads
74ADefense Access Roads
74BMilitary Construction, Air Force (Transfer to DOT)
74CMilitary Construction, Air Force
74EMilitary Construction, Air Force (Transfer to DOT)
74FMilitary Construction, Air Force (Transfer to DOT)
74GMilitary Construction, Air Force
74HAir Force (Transfer to DOT, FHWA)
74IDefense Access Roads
74JDefense Access Roads
74KDefense Access Roads
74LDefense Access Roads
74MDefense Access Roads
74NDefense Access Roads
750Military Construction, Army, Defense Access Roads
751Defense Access Roads
752Defense Access Roads
753Defense Access Roads
754Defense Access Roads
755Defense Access Roads
756Military Construction, Army (Transfer to FHWA)
757Military Construction, Army (Transfer to FHWA)
758Military Construction, Army (Transfer to FHWA)
759Military Construction, Army (Transfer to FHWA)
75AMilitary Construction, Army
75BMilitary Construction, Army
75CMilitary Construction, Army (Transfer to FHWA)
75DMilitary Construction, Army (Transfer to FHWA)
75EMilitary Construction, Army (Transfer to FHWA), PL 102-380
75FMilitary Construction, Army (Transfer to FHWA), PL 102-240
75GMilitary Construction, Army (Transfer to FHWA)
75HMilitary Construction, Army (Transfer to FHWA)
75JMilitary Construction, Army (Transfer to FHWA)
75KMilitary Construction, Army (Transfer to FHWA)
75LMilitary Construction, Army (Transfer to FHWA)
75MMilitary Construction, Army (Transfer to FHWA)
75NMilitary Construction, Army (Transfer to DOT, FHWA) FLHD Only
75PMilitary Construction, Army (Transfer to DOT, FHWA) FMIS Only
75QMilitary Construction, Army (Transfer to DOT, FHWA), FMIS Only
760Operation and Maintenance, Army
762Operation and Maintenance, Army
763Operation and Maintenance, Army
764Operation and Maintenance, Army
765Operation and Maintenance, Army
766Defense Access Roads
767Military Construction Defense
768Military Defense (95) (Transfer to FHWA)
769Military, Navy, BRAC (Transfer to DOT)
76ANational Park Service Construction (Transfer to FHWA)
76BDefense Access Roads
76CDefense Access Roads
76DDefense Access Roads
76EDefense Access Roads
76FDefense Access Roads
76GDefense Access Roads
76HDefense Access Roads
76JDefense Access Roads
76JDefense Access Roads
76KDefense Access Roads
76LDefense Access Roads
76MDefense Access Roads
76NDefense Access Roads
76PDefense Access Roads
76QDefense Access Roads
770Non-Urban Public Trans, 81 & After, Expenses
771Non-Urban Public Trans, 81 & After, Admin
772I'state Substitution, Before FY-84, from GF
77AAcosta Bridge
77BHwy Projects Transferred to FHWA from FTA; PL 102-240
780Transportation Systems Management Demo
781Defense Access Roads
785Defense Access Roads
786Non-Urban Pub Trans, 83, Non-op Expenses
787Non-Urban Pub Trans, 83, Admin
788Defense Access Roads
789Defense Access Roads
78ADefense Access Roads
78BMilitary Construction, Air Force
78CLimit for 21A
78LTotal limit amount
78MLimit for 212
78ZMilitary Construction, Air Force
790Defense Access Roads
791Nat'l Forest Sys
792Nat'l Forest Sys
793Nat'l Forest Sys
794Nat'l Forest Sys
795ARC Funds for Appalachian Development Hwys
796ARC Funds for Local Access Roads
797Defense Access Roads
79AMilitary Construction, Air Force
79BARC Funds for Appalachian Development Hwys
79CEDA Grants (PL 102-395)
79DARC Funds for Appalachian Development Hwys (Ref PC 795)
79EEDA - Missoula, MT (Department/Commerce)
79FARC, Approved Projects (FMIS Only, AFC 60-0)
79GARC Approved Projects Only (FMIS Only AFC 60-0)
79HHighway Construction Project, EDA Transfer to FHWA, PL 104-208, 42 USC 3218
800Operation and Maintenance, Air Force
801EDA Dev Facil
803Operation and Maintenance, Air Force
804EDA Dev Facil
806Operation and Maintenance, Air Force
808Regional Development
809Operation and Maintenance, Air Force
810Operation and Maintenance, Air Force
811Operation and Maintenance, Air Force
813Operation and Maintenance, Air Force
814PLT & Cap Equip
815Operation and Maintenance, Air Force
819New Community Assistance Grants
821Job Opport Prog
822Operation and Maintenance, Air Force
823I'state Substitution, Before FY-84, from GF
824NE Corridor (Private Crossings)
825Indian Reservation Roads, Prior to FY-83
831Defense Access Roads - DOD
832Road Construction BIA
833Military Construction, Army
834Defense Access Roads
835Military Construction, Army
836Defense Access Roads
837Operation and Maintenance, Air Force
83AMilitary Construction, Air Force
841EX SB US Army
842Highland Scenic Highway
850NE Corridor Improvements
851Defense Access Roads
852Defense Access Roads
853NE Corridor (Public Crossings)
855Local Public Works Grants (Economic Development Association)
856Operation and Maintenance, Army
859Dept. Of Energy
85ADept. Of Energy
862Military Construction, Navy
864Construct Facility NASA
866Military Construction, Air Force
874Pub Facilities
875Public Works Accel
876Res Dev/Oper
877Public Works Accel
878Public Works Accel
879Public Works Accel
880Operation and Maintenance, Army
881Non-Urban Pub Trans, 80 & Prior, Expenses
882Non-Urban Pub Trans, 80 & Prior, Admin
886Admin Oper NASA
896Military Construction, Navy
897EDA Dev Facility
898Mil Constr Def
930General Operating Expenses, National Highway Institute
937General Operating Expenses, National Highway Institute
938Research and Technology Program
939Research and Technology Program
93AR&D Agreements with States; GOE Funded NHI Systems Training
941Office of the Administrator, GOE, Imprest Fund
942R&D Admin Funds
942FHWA Administrator, GOE (1975 and Subsequent Years), R&D Contract Programs, Central Training, Rehabilitation of Turner Fairbanks Highway Research Center, Cost Allocation Study Interjurisdictional Trucking Program, Rural Transportation Assistance Program, Commodity Flow Study, Bonding Demonstration Program, Southwest Indiana Study, Great River Road Bridge Study, Quad Cities Intermodal Study, Virginia TSM Project, Rock Salt Study, Avenue of Saint, Intermodal Exchange Study, Central Federal Lands Highway Division Lab, Kansas Feasibility Study, National Scenic Byways Study, Interstate 80/Interstate 94 Congestion Study, Highway Use Tax Evasion Project, University Transportation Centers, Trucking Education Program, Congested Corridors, International Transportation, Highway Usage Data Activities, National Bicycling and Walking Study, Methanol Plantship Project, Kalispell Montana Bypass Study, Tuscalloosa Bridge Alabama Study, Route 101/Washington Coastal Parkway Study, Feasibility, Design, and Environmental Studies, Multimodal Studies, Technology Assessment and Development, Term Pavement Performance, Highway Investment and User Cost, Highway Safety Research (reimbursable fund), University Transportation Centers (reimbursable fund),IVHS Congested Corridors
943Long Term Pavement Monitoring, PL 95-599
944Nat Ridesharing Demo (UMTA Share)
945RTAP, GOE (P.L. 97-102), Fed-Aid Procedure
946RTAP, GOE, 1984, Fed Aid Procedures
948R&D Admin Funds, GOE
948R&D, GOE, (Federal-Aid Procedures, No-year)
94BLTAP (FMIS Only), PL 102-240 (AFC 70-0)S 6004
94CHighway Use Tax Evasion, PL 101-164 and 516 (AFC 30-0)
94DGOE, R&D State Agreements PL 102-388 & CR 102-924 (AFC 60-0)
94HCongested Corridors, P.L. 102-143; (AFC 21-0)
94KGOE, R&D Agreements with States (FMIS Only); (AFC 40-0)
94LR&D State Agreements; GOE IVHS (AFC 21-0)
94MGOE, R&D State Agreements; Long Term Pavement Performance (AFC 40-0)
94NGOE, R&D Agreements with States); Technology Assessment/Deployment (AFC 70-0)
94PGOE, R&D Agreements with States; U.S. Border States Personnel and Information/Technology Exchange Program (AFC 30-0)
94QResearch & Development, Colorado Bicycle & Pedestrian Summit
953Office of the Administrator, General Operating Expenses
955Office of the Administrator, GOE (1995, FHWA)
956Office of the Administrator, GOE (1996, FHWA)
957Office of the Administrator, GOE (1997, FHWA)
960GOE, Contract Programs (R&D) Adm, 10/1/97-9/30/00
967GOE, Contract Programs, Administration, 10/1/94-9/30/97.(Research and Development, Rehabilitation of Turner Fairbanks Highway Research Center, Rural Transportation Assistance Program, General Operating Expenses (Minority Business Enterprises), Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems, International Transportation, Technology Assessment and Development, Long Term Pavement Performance, Technical Assistance to Russia, & OJT Supportive Services
968Research and Technology Program
969Research and Technology Program
96AIVHS, GOE Contract Programs, 10/1/94-9/30/97
96BR& D, GOE, State Agreements 10/1/1994-9/30/1997
96CLTPP Activities, GOE State Agree 10/1/1994-9/30/1997
96DLTAP, GOE Contract State Agreements FY 95-97
96ER&D (Env, ROW, Plan); GOE Contract State Agree, FY 95-97
96FGOE Contract, LTPP, State Agreements FY 95-97
96GDBE, GOE Contract Programs, State Allocations, FY 95-97
96HIVHS, GOE Contract, Agreements with States; PL 103-331
96JOJT/SS, GOE Contract, Agreements with States FY 95-97
96KR& D, GOE Contract Programs, Adm, 10/01/95 to 09/31/98
96LTechnology Deployment, GOE Contract Programs 10/01/95 to 09/30/98
96MLTAP, GOE Contract Programs 10/01/95 to 09/30/98
96NLTAP, GOE Contract at 100% FAP, 10/01/95 to 09/30/98
96PLTPP, GOE Contract Programs (HRD) 10/01/95 to 09/31/98
96QR& D, GOE Contract Programs (HRD) 10/01/95 to 09/31/98
96SDBE, GOE, PL 103-331, Supportive Services FY1996
999Miscellaneous Credits for Canceled Accounts (GF)
99AState Infrastructure Bank Program
99BState Infrastructure Bank Program
9AJGOE Contract Prog Activities, Off of Policy, CO, PL 104-205, 10/01/96 to 09/30/99
9AAR&D, GOE, PL 104-205 FY 97-99
9ABTech Agreements, GOE, PL 104-205 FY 97-99
9ACLocal Technical, GOE, PL 104-205 FY 97-99
9ADLocal Technical, GOE, PL 104-205 FY 97-99
9AELTPP, GOE, PL 104-205 FY 97-9
9AFR&D, GOE, PL 104-205 FY 97-99
9AGIVHS, GOE, PL 104-205 FY 97-99
9AHR&D, DBE, GOE, PL 104-205 FY 97-99
9AKGOE Contract Program Activities, PL 104-2052 FY 96-99
9ALR&D, GOE Contract Program Activities, State Agreements
9AMGOE Contract Program Activities, State Agreements
9ATR&D, GOE Contract, State Agreements FY 98-00
9AUIVHS, GOE Contract Program Activities, FY 98-00
9AVR&D, DBE, GOE Contract Program Activities, FY 98-00
9AWGOE Contract Program Activities, Off of Policy, CO DOT
9AXGOE Contract Program, Off of Motor Carriers FY 98-00
A01Priority Primary, PR
A04Consolidated Primary, PR
A06Consolidated Primary, Economic Growth Center
A07Primary , PR
A08Primary, Exclusive of Urban Ext, PR
A09Consolidated Primary, Econ Growth Ctr, TMFW
A10Consolidated Primary, 1/4% Skill Training (P.L. 101-164, Sec. 337; 23 USC 104(b))
A12Priority Primary
A14Consolidated Primary, 100%
A16Con Prim, 20% Man 3R EG Ctr (P.L. 97-424, Sec. 117(c); 23 USC 120(j))
A35Consolidated Primary, Great River Road
A3TTMFW (83-84), Increased Share for Con Prim
A45Consolidated Primary, Great River Road
A51Interstate, 1/2 % Minimum
A52I'state, 1/2 % Min, Econ Growth Ctr, TMFW
A61Consolidated Primary, Bicycle & Pedestrian
A65AHL, Primary apportioned funds
A75Consolidated Primary, Access to Lakes
A85Consolidated Primary, Energy Impacted Roads
A86Consolidated Primary, 20% Mand Energy Rds
A87Consol Primary, Energy Impacted Rds, TMFW
A95Consol Prim, Priority Prim Rtes Man 3R (P.L. 97-424, Sec. 117(c); 23 USC 120(j))
B06Rural Secondary, EG Ctr (P.L. 97-424, Sec. 117(c); 23 USC 120(j))
B07Secondary , PR
B08Secondary, Exclusive of Urban Ext
B09Secondary Hwy, Shakwak AK Hwy, Rural Secon (P.L. 97-424 S 158; 23 USC 218)
B10Rural Secondary, 1/4% Skill Training (P.L. 101-164, Sec. 337)
B11Rural Secondary, Economic Growth Center, TMFW
B16Rural Secon, EG Ctr, 20% Man 3R (P.L. 97-424, Sec. 117(c); 23 USC 120(j))
B35Rural Secondary, Great River Road
B45Rural Secondary, Great River Road
B61Rural Secondary, Bicycle & Pedestrian
B65AHL, Secondary apportioned funds
B75AHL, Rural Secondary apportioned funds
B85Rural Secondary, Energy Impacted Roads
B86Rural Secondary, Energy Impacted Roads
C07Urban , PR
C08Urban Traffic Operation Projects
CG1CRP-Pooled Fund, 100%
CR1CRP-Secondary, Urban, Non-Primary Bridge
CR2Combined Road Plan, TMFW
EC1CRP-Minimum Allocation
EC2CRP-Excess Interstate 1/2 % Minimum
EC3CRP-Interstate Substitution, Apportioned
EC4CRP-Interstate Substitution, Discretionary
EG1CRP-Minimum Allocation, 100%, 23USC120(d)
EG2CRP-Excess Interstate 1/2 % Minimum, 100%
ICCA/R Billing of ICC Insurance Fee Funds Fiscal Use Only
K63Federal Lands, Bicycle and Pedestrian
K79Federal Lands, Bicycle and Pedestrian
K81Federal Lands, Bicycle and Pedestrian
K83Federal Lands, Bicycle and Pedestrian
K91Federal Lands, Bicycle and Pedestrian
N85Minimum Allocation, Energy Impacted Roads
P12Adv Const, Consolidated Primary, E Proj
P13AC, Consol Primary Grade Xings, E Proj
P14AC, Consol Primary, 1/2% HPR, E Proj
P22Adv Const, Secondary, E Projects
P23Adv Const, Secondary Grade Crossing, E Proj
P24Adv Const, Rural Secondary, 1/2% HPR, E Proj
P34Adv Const, Urban System - Attrib, E Proj
P36Adv Const, Urban System-Not Attrib, E Proj
P73Adv Const, Interstate Transfers, E Projects
P74Adv Const, HBRRP, E Projects
P75Adv Const, Rural Secondary, E Projects
P76Adv Const, Rural Secondary Xings, E Projects
Q01Interstate Maintenance, ISTEA Section 1009, 23 USC 119, 1997 Extension Act
Q02Interstate Maintenance Discretionary, subsequent to TEA-21
Q03Redistribution of Certain Authorized Funds, Sec. 1102(f) PL 105-178
Q05NHS (HHS), ISTEA, Section 1006, 23 USC 103, 1997 Extension Act
Q06National Highway System, Territories Sec. 1103(b),TEA-21, P.L. 105-178
Q07Bridge Discretionary, Seismic Retrofit, Sec. 1109(b), TEA-21, P.L. 105-178
Q08Safety Incentives to Prevent Operation of Motor Vehicles by Intoxicated Persons. Sec. 1404(a) P.L. 105-178
Q09Safety Incentive Grants for Seatbelts
Q10Br Replace, App, Man 65% On-Sys, PL 95-599 S 124; 23 USC 144, 97 Ext Act
Q11Br Replace, App, Man 15% Off-Sys, PL 95-599 S 124; 23 USC 144, 97 Ext Act
Q12Bridge Replacement, Apportioned, Mandatory 20% On/Off System Sec. 1109
Q13Br Replace, App, On-Sys, 1/4% Skill Training, PL 101-164; 97 Ext Act S 337
Q14Bridge Replacement, Apportioned, Off-System 1/2% Skill Training, Sec. 1109(c) P.L. 105-178
Q15Bridge Replacement, Apportioned, Off-System/On-System, 1/2% Skill Training, Sec. 1109, P.L. 105-178
Q1EOffice of Motor Carriers Safety Grants for Information Systems. Sec. 4004(b) P.L. 105-178
Q1FOperation Lifesaver, FMIS Only, Sec. 1103(c), P.L. 105-178
Q20STP, Area Population < 200,000, 1997 Extension Act.
Q21STP, Safety, ISTEA Sec. 1007; 23 USC 133, 1997 Ext Act
Q22STP, Trans Enhance Activities; 23 USC 133(d)(2), 97 Ext Act
Q23STP, Urbanized Areas, Population > 200,000; 23 USC 133(d)(3), 97 Ext Act
Q24STP, Any Area. 1997 Ext Act
Q25STP, Mandatory Amount for non-urban areas, 97 Ext Act
Q26STP, Rail-Highway Crossings, Protective Devices. 1997 Extension Act
Q27STP, Rail-Highway Crossings, Elimination of Hazards. 1997 Extension Act
Q28STP, Hazard Elimination Program, 1997 Extension Act
Q29STP, 1/16% Skill Training, ISTEA, Sec. 6002, 23 USC 321, 1997 Extension Act
Q30STP, 1/2% Skill Training, P.L. 102-240, Sec. 1026(a), 1997 Extension Act
Q31STP, Single Code, FMIP; 23 USC 133, 1997 Extension Act
Q32STP, Areas< 200,000, 100% Fed, 97 Ext Act, PL 105-130
Q33STP, Safety, 100% Fed, 97 Ext Act, PL 105-130
Q34STP , Transportation Enhancement, 100% Fed for Safety, PL 105-130
Q35STP , Urb Areas > 200,000, 100% Fed for Safety PL 105-130
Q36STP , Any Area, 100% Fed for Safety PL 105-130
Q37STP , Man Amt Non-Urb Areas, 100% Fed Safety PL 105-130
Q38STP , Rail-Hwy Xings, Protective Devices, 100% Fed Safety PL 105-130
Q39STP , Rail-Hwy Xings, Elimination of Hazards,100% Fed Safety PL 105-130
Q3ATravel Forecasting Procedures Program, TRANSIMS, Sec. 1210(a), P.L. 105-178
Q3BVehicle Weight Study, Sec. 1212(d)
Q3CDriver Training and Safety Center
Q3DOhio River Welcome Center
Q3EHeavy Equipment Operator Training Facility
Q3FMotor Carrier Operator Vehicle Training
Q3GHigh Priority Las Vegas Intermodal Center
Q3HSeismic Design, Sec. 1212(s)
Q3JTraffic Analysis Sec. 1213(j)
Q3NRunway Removal at Ninigret NWR,
Q3VAccess to Corps of Engineers
Q3XFort Peck, MT, Sec. 1214(o)
Q3YBridges on Natchez Trail Parkway, MS
Q3ZLolo Pass Visitor Center
Q40CMAQ, ISTEA Sec. 1008, 23 USC 149, 1997 Extension Act
Q41NHI, 100% Fed ISTEA S 1021, 23 USC 120, PL 105-130
Q42CMAQ, 100% Fed Safety PL 105-130
Q43STP, Hazard Elim, 100% Fed, Allocated to FTA, PL 105-130
Q44I'state Maintenance, 100% Fed, 23 USC 120, PL 105-130
Q451% Metropolitan Planning funds; 1997 Extension Act
Q46Surface Transportation Research, Long-Term Pavement Performance (LTPP), Sec. 5001(c)(1)(A), P.L. 105-178
Q47Surface Transportation Research, Sec. 5001(a)(5), P.L. 105-178
Q48Surface Transportation Program (STP) Minority Business Enterprise Program 23 USC 104(c) and 140(b)
Q49STP, Skill Training Program 23 USC 104(c) and 140(b)
Q4ACoal Heritage Trail, Sec. 1215(c)
Q4BTraffic Calming Measures, Sec. 1215(d)
Q4CPedestrian Br., Charlottsville, VA, Sec. 1215(e)
Q4DVA Interpretive CTR, Blue Ridge PKWY, Sec. 1215(f)
Q4EChain of Rocks Br., MO, Sec. 1215(g)
Q4FCA Feasibility Study, GOE
Q50Funding Restoration, Allocation Formula, 95 NHS Designation Act S 202, PL104-59
Q51Funding Restoration, Urb Areas > 200,000,95 NHS Designation Act S 202, PL104-59
Q52Funding Restoration, Trans Planning, 95 NHS Designation Act S 202, PL104-59
Q53Funding Restoration, R&D, 95 NHS Designation Act S 202, PL104-59
Q54Appalachian Development Highway System, Sec. 1117 PL 105-178
Q552% Highway Planning and Research; 1997 Extension Act
Q56Hwy P&R, 25% Min for Research, Dev & TT, 23 USC 307
Q57Enhancement Activities Indian Reservations Sec. 1214(d), P.L. 105-178
Q58Enhancement Activities, Restoration of Train Station, Gettysburg, PA Sec. 1215(a), P.L. 105-178
Q59Enhancement Activities, National Scenic Byways Center, Duluth, MN Sec. 1215(b), P.L. 105-178
Q5AAppalachian Development Highway System, Appalachia Local Access Highway, Sec. 1117 PL 105-178
Q60Donor State Bonus Minimum 50% in Any Area
Q61Donor State Bonus Minimum, Urb Areas > 200,000
Q62Donor State Bonus Minimum, Areas < 200K. 1997 Extension Act
Q63Donor St Bonus Min, Mandatory Amount for Non-urban Areas
Q64NCPD/CBI programs
Q67Surface Transportation Research, Planning, -- Sec. 5001(a)(1), P.L. 105-178
Q68Transportation and Community System Preservation Pilot, Sec 1221(e), PL 105-178
Q6AMinnesota Transportation History Network, Sec. 1214(e) PL 105-178
Q6FFuture Corridor Segment, Sec. 1211(i)
Q70Minimum Allocation, 50% in Any Area, Subject to Limitation, PL 102-240 S 1013
Q71Minimum Allocation, Urb Areas > 200,000, sub to Limitation, PL 102-240 S 1013
Q72Minimum Allocation, Areas <200K, sub to Limitation, PL 102-240 S 1013
Q73Minimum Allocation, Mandatory, Non-urban Areas, Subject to Limitation
Q74Minimum Allocation, 1/2% Metropolitan Planning. Subject to Limitation
Q75Minimum Allocation, 1-1/2% Hwy P&R, Subject to Limitation
Q76Minimum Guarantee, Sec. 1104
Q77Minimum Guarantee, Exempt from Limitation. Sec. 1104
Q78Minimum Guarantee, Sec. 1104
Q80Minimum Allocation, 50% in Any Area, Exempt from Limitation PL 102-240 S 1013
Q81Minimum Allocation, Urb Areas > 200K, Exempt from Limitation PL 102-240 S 1013
Q82Minimum Allocation, Areas <200K, Exempt from Limitation PL 102-240 S 1013
Q83Minimum Allocation, Mandatory non-urban areas, Exempt from Limitation
Q84Minimum Allocation, 1/2% Metro Plan, Exempt from Limitation
Q85Minimum Allocation, 1-1/2% Hwy P&R, Exempt from Limitation
Q88Value Pricing Pilot Program Sec. 1216(a)(8)(A), TEA-21, PL 105-178
Q89Training and Education, Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP), Sec. 5001(a)(3) 23 USC 504(b), P.L. 105-178
Q90Demo Hwy Projects, Allocated Under ISTEA S 1103-1108, Sub to Limitation
Q91Demo Highway Projects, 100% for Safety, PL 105-130
Q92High Priority Projects Section 1601(a), TEA-21, P.L. 105-178
Q93High Priority Projects, Sec. 1602
Q94National Recreational Trails Funding Program Sec. 1112, TEA-21, P.L. 105-178
Q95Ferry Boats and Ferry Terminal Construction Sec. 1101(a)(10), TEA-21, P.L. 105-178
Q96Highway Use Tax Evasion Projects Sec. 1101(a)(14),TEA-21, P.L. 105-178
Q97National Scenic Byways Program Sec. 1219, P.L. 105-178
Q98Appalachian Development Highway Program
Q99Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge Sec. 1116(412)(a)(1), TEA-21, P.L. 105-178
Q9AAppalachian Development Highways
Q9TEmergency Relief from floods and other natural disasters
Q9UEmergency Relief from floods and other natural disasters
Q9WWoodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge Sec. 1116(412)(a)(1), TEA-21, P.L. 105-178
QA11% App Plan Funds - FTA, 80% Fed, PL 105-130 S. 1519, 23 USC 134)
QA2Funding Restoration, Formula, FTA Adm, PL 105-130
QA3Funding Restoration, Urban > 200K, FTA Adm, PL 105-130
QA42% Hwy P&R, 23 USC 307(c)(1), FTA Admin, PL 105-130
QA5Donor State Bonus Minimum, 50% in Any Area. Transit Projects, PL 105-130
QA6Donor State Bonus, Population > 200K Transit Projects, FTA Adm, PL 105-130
QA7Minimum Allocation, 50% in Any Area, Transit Projects, FTA Adm, PL 105-130
QA8Minimum Allocation, Urb Areas > 200K PL 102-240 S 1013; FTA Adm, PL 105-130
QA9Minimum Allocation, Any Area, Transit Projects, FTA Admin, PL 105-130
QB1Surface Transportation Program, Areas < 200K, FTA Admin, PL 105-130
QB2STP, Safety, ISTEA S 1007; Administered by FTA, PL 105-130
QB3STP Trans Enhancement Activities, Administered by FTA PL 105-130
QB4STP, Urban > 200K, Administered by FTA PL 105-130
QB5STP, Any Area, FTA Administered, PL 105-130
QB6STP Mandatory Amount for Non-Urban Areas, Administered by FTA PL 105-130
QB7STP Rail-Highway Crossings, Protective Devices, Administered by FTA PL 105-130
QB8STP Rail-Highway Crossings, Elimination of Hazards, FTA Administered, PL 105-130
QB9STP Hazard Elimination Program, Administered by FTA, PL 105-130
QC1CMAQ Administered by FTA PL 105-130
QC2MA 50 percent any area FTA limitation, PL 105-130
QC3MA Urban Areas > 200K, Limitation, PL 105-130
QC4MA Any Area, FTA, 1997 Ext. Act PL 105-130
QC5Minimum Guarantee, Subject to Special Limitation Sec. 1104, PL 105-178 FTA
QC6Minimum Guarantee, Subject to Limitation Sec. 1104, PL 105-178 FTA
QC7Minimum Guarantee, Exempt from Limitation Sec. 1104, PL 105-178 FTA
QC8High Priority Projects, Sec. 1601 PL 105-178, FTA Special Limitation
QC9High Priority Projects, Sec. 1602 PL 105-178, FTA
QD1Surface Transportation Research, Univ. Grants, Sec. 5116 PL 105-178
QD2Surface Transportation Research, Univ. Grants, Sec. 5116 PL 105-178
QD3Surface Transportation Research, International Outreach, Sec. 5001(c)(1)(C) PL 105-178
QD5Appalachian Dev HWY, FTA, Sec. 1117 PL 105-178
QD6Puerto Rico HWY Program, FTA, Sec. 1101(a)(15)
QK1Set-aside from NHS (PL 105-178)
QF1Ferry Boat Discretionary FTA Flex, Sec. 1101(a)(10)
QF2High Priority Las Vegas Intermodal Center FTA Flex, Sec. 1212(r)
QK1National Defense Highways Outside the U.S., Sec. 1214(e) PL 105-178
QN1Safety Incentives, alcohol-impaired driving countermeasures
QP1Puerto Rico HWY Program, Sec. 1101(a)(15) PL 105-178
QR1National Recreational Trails Funding Program
QR2National Recreational Trails Funding Program
QR4Surface Trans. Research, Safety ,Sec. 5001(a)(1), PL 105-178
QR5Surface Trans. Research, Pavements ,Sec. 5001(c)(1)(D), PL 105-178
QR6Surface Trans. Research, Structures ,Sec. 5001(a)(1), PL 105-178
QR7Surface Trans. Research, Environment ,Sec. 5001(a)(1), PL 105-178
QR8Surface Trans. Research, Real Estate ,Sec. 5001(a)(1), PL 105-178
QR9Surface Trans. Research, Motor Carrier ,Sec. 5001(a)(1), PL 105-178
QT1NHS Territories, Sec. 1103(b), PL 105-178
QT2ITS Research and Development
QT3ITS Integration Program
QT4ITS Integration Program
QT5ITS Integration Program
QT6ITS Integration Program
QT7ITS Integration Program
QT8ITS Deployment - Integration Sec. 5208(d)(1) PL 105-178
QT9Technology Deployment Program, Innovative Br. research and construction Sec. 5103 PL 105-178
R08Safety Incentives, alcohol-impaired driving countermeasures
R09Safety Incentive Grants
R11STR, seismic research, SEC 5001(c)(1)(B), PL 105-178
R4ETechnology Deployment Program, Advanced Vehicle, Research, University of Alabama, Sec. 5116(d), P.L. 105-178
R4FGeothermal Heat Pump Smart Bridge Program, Oklahoma State University, Sec. 5116(e), P.L. 105-178
R4GTechnology Deployment Program, Intelligent Stiffener for Bridge Stress Reduction, University of Oklahoma, Sec. 5116(f), P.L. 105-178
R4HTechnology Deployment Program, Study of Advanced Trauma Care, University of Alabama, Sec. 5116(g), P.L. 105-178
R4JTechnology Deployment Program, Head and Spinal Cord Injury Research, Sec. 5116(i), P.L. 105-178
R60ITS Research and Development
R64NCPD/CBI programs
R68Transportation and Community System Preservation Pilot, Sec. 1221(e), P.L. 105-178
R70ITS Integration Program
R71ITS Integration Program
R72ITS Integration Program
R73ITS Integration Program
R74ITS Integration Program
R75ITS Integration Program
R76ITS Integration Program
R85HBRRP, Energy Impacted Roads
R86HBRRP, Energy Impacted Roads
R92High Priority Projects, Federal Lands special
S12Adv Const, Consolidated Primary
S13Adv Const, Consolidated Primary Grade Xing
S14Adv Const, Consolidated Primary, 1/2% HPR
S15Adv Const, Primary Funds Used for I-4R
S22Adv Const, Secondary
S23Adv Const, Secondary Grade Crossing
S24Adv Const, Rural Secondary, 1/2% HPR
S34Adv Const, Urban System - Attributable
S36Adv Const, Urban System - Not Attributable
S73Adv Const, Rural Primary
S74Adv Const, Rural Primary Grade Crossing
S75Adv Const, Rural Secondary
S76Adv Const, Rural Secondary Grade Crossing
S77Adv Const, Interstate Transfers, 1 1/2% HPR
S78Adv Const, Interstate Transfers - Apport
S99Adv Capitalization of the SIB
SBAAdv Capitalization of the SIB
SB1SIB Program subject to limitation
SB2SIB Program subject to special limitation
SB3SIB Program exempt from limitation
W05Urban Sys EG Ctr, Attributable (P.L. 97-424, Sec. 117(c) and 120(k))
W06Urban Sys EG Ctr Non-Attributable (P.L. 97-424, Sec. 117(c); 23 USC 120(k))
W07Urban System, PR
W08Urban System, PR
W09Urban, Not Attrib, Econ Growth Ctr, TMFW 253
W10Urban System, Attributable, 1/4% Skill Training, P.L. 101-164, Sec. 337)
W11Urban Sys, Non- Attributable, 1/4% Skill Training (P.L. 101-164, Sec. 337)
W32FAUS, Non-Attributable
W33Urban System Highways, 10% Railway-Highway (23 USC 130)
W35Urban, Great River Road
W36FAUS, Attributable
W37Allocated Urban Systems Funds, 10% Railway-Highway, 23 USC
W38Urban, Great River Road
W3AUrban System, TMFW
W3BAllocated Urban System, TMFW
W3NTMFW (83-84), Increased Share for Urban
W3UTMFW (83-84), Increased Share for Urban
W3XUrban System Funds; 23 USC 150; DC; P.L. 104-21
W61Urban, Bicycle & Pedestrian
W62Urban, Bicycle & Pedestrian
W65AHL, Urban System apportioned funds
W85Urban, Energy Impacted Roads
W86Urban, Energy Impacted Roads
X12Primary Highways, 1/2 % NHI
X13Priority Primary Routes, 1/2 % NHI
X14Consolidated Primary, NHI
X15Consolidated Primary, 1/4 % NHI
X22Secondary Highways, 1/2 % NHI
X30Urban System Highways, 1/2 % NHI
X32Urban Highways, 1/2 % NHI
X42Interstate, 1/4 % National Highway Institute
X43Urban Sys, 1/4% NHI, 1972 & Subsequent Yrs, PL 91-605 S 115)(23 USC 321)
X44Interstate 4R, 1/4 % NHI
X45Interstate 4R, 1/4% NHI, TMFW
X73Primary Hwys Exclusive of Urban Ext1/2 % NHI
X75Secondary Hwys Excl of Urban Ext 1/2 % NHI
X77Traffic Op Proj in Urban Areas, 1/2 % NHI

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