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FHWA-1273 - Revised October 18, 2011


This provision is applicable to all Federal-aid construction contracts on the National Highway System.

  1. The contractor shall perform with its own organization contract work amounting to not less than 30 percent (or a greater percentage if specified elsewhere in the contract) of the total original contract price, excluding any specialty items designated by the contracting agency. Specialty items may be performed by subcontract and the amount of any such specialty items performed may be deducted from the total original contract price before computing the amount of work required to be performed by the contractor's own organization (23 CFR 635.116).
    1. The term "perform work with its own organization" refers to workers employed or leased by the prime contractor, and equipment owned or rented by the prime contractor, with or without operators. Such term does not include employees or equipment of a subcontractor or lower tier subcontractor, agents of the prime contractor, or any other assignees. The term may include payments for the costs of hiring leased employees from an employee leasing firm meeting all relevant Federal and State regulatory requirements. Leased employees may only be included in this term if the prime contractor meets all of the following conditions:
      1. the prime contractor maintains control over the supervision of the day-to-day activities of the leased employees;
      2. the prime contractor remains responsible for the quality of the work of the leased employees;
      3. the prime contractor retains all power to accept or exclude individual employees from work on the project; and
      4. the prime contractor remains ultimately responsible for the payment of predetermined minimum wages, the submission of payrolls, statements of compliance and all other Federal regulatory requirements.
    2. "Specialty Items" shall be construed to be limited to work that requires highly specialized knowledge, abilities, or equipment not ordinarily available in the type of contracting organizations qualified and expected to bid on the contract as a whole and in general are to be limited to minor components of the overall contract.
  2. The contract amount upon which the requirements set forth in paragraph (1) of Section VII is computed includes the cost of material and manufactured products which are to be purchased or produced by the contractor under the contract provisions.
  3. The contractor shall furnish (a) a competent superintendent or supervisor who is employed by the firm, has full authority to direct performance of the work in accordance with the contract requirements, and is in charge of all construction operations (regardless of who performs the work) and (b) such other of its own organizational resources (supervision, management, and engineering services) as the contracting officer determines is necessary to assure the performance of the contract.
  4. No portion of the contract shall be sublet, assigned or otherwise disposed of except with the written consent of the contracting officer, or authorized representative, and such consent when given shall not be construed to relieve the contractor of any responsibility for the fulfillment of the contract. Written consent will be given only after the contracting agency has assured that each subcontract is evidenced in writing and that it contains all pertinent provisions and requirements of the prime contract.
  5. The 30% self-performance requirement of paragraph (1) is not applicable to design-build contracts; however, contracting agencies may establish their own self-performance requirements.
Updated: 12/12/2013
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