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FHWA-1273 - Revised October 18, 2011


This provision is applicable to all Federal-aid projects funded under the Appalachian Regional Development Act of 1965.

  1. During the performance of this contract, the contractor undertaking to do work which is, or reasonably may be, done as on-site work, shall give preference to qualified persons who regularly reside in the labor area as designated by the DOL wherein the contract work is situated, or the subregion, or the Appalachian counties of the State wherein the contract work is situated, except:
    1. To the extent that qualified persons regularly residing in the area are not available.
    2. For the reasonable needs of the contractor to employ supervisory or specially experienced personnel necessary to assure an efficient execution of the contract work.
    3. For the obligation of the contractor to offer employment to present or former employees as the result of a lawful collective bargaining contract, provided that the number of nonresident persons employed under this subparagraph (1c) shall not exceed 20 percent of the total number of employees employed by the contractor on the contract work, except as provided in subparagraph (4) below.
  2. The contractor shall place a job order with the State Employment Service indicating (a) the classifications of the laborers, mechanics and other employees required to perform the contract work, (b) the number of employees required in each classification, (c) the date on which the participant estimates such employees will be required, and (d) any other pertinent information required by the State Employment Service to complete the job order form. The job order may be placed with the State Employment Service in writing or by telephone. If during the course of the contract work, the information submitted by the contractor in the original job order is substantially modified, the participant shall promptly notify the State Employment Service.
  3. The contractor shall give full consideration to all qualified job applicants referred to him by the State Employment Service. The contractor is not required to grant employment to any job applicants who, in his opinion, are not qualified to perform the classification of work required.
  4. If, within one week following the placing of a job order by the contractor with the State Employment Service, the State Employment Service is unable to refer any qualified job applicants to the contractor, or less than the number requested, the State Employment Service will forward a certificate to the contractor indicating the unavailability of applicants. Such certificate shall be made a part of the contractor's permanent project records. Upon receipt of this certificate, the contractor may employ persons who do not normally reside in the labor area to fill positions covered by the certificate, notwithstanding the provisions of subparagraph (1c) above.
  5. The provisions of 23 CFR 633.207(e) allow the contracting agency to provide a contractual preference for the use of mineral resource materials native to the Appalachian region.
  6. The contractor shall include the provisions of Sections 1 through 4 of this Attachment A in every subcontract for work which is, or reasonably may be, done as on-site work.
Updated: 12/12/2013
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