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Summary of State Transportation Agency Bidding Information Available on the Internet

Table Part 1 | Table Part 2

ST Registration Required for Access Bid Medium Software Date of Internet Bidding Implementation Real-Time WebCasts Bond Medium Time Difference Receipt to Reading Remarks Last Updated
Paper Disk / CD Internet Internet Only Bid Preparation Internet Bid Submittal Real-Time Bid Results Audio WebCast Video WebCast Electronic Paper
AL   X X X   Expedite BE 01/13/2006         X     09/22/2005
AK   X X                   X   Currently, electronic bidding documents (Invitations to Bid, plans, specifications, etc.) only available from SE Regional Office 09/22/2005
AZ   X   X   Expedite BE 03/28/2003       X X   Bond validation - Surety 2000 and Sure Path Network. Initial EBS files on the ADOT web site, but not addenda 09/28/2005
AR   X X     Expedite       X     X     09/28/2005
CA   X                     X   Conducted Internet bidding pilot in 2002 . Now looking at SiteManager. EBS files - bid items only, no quantities 10/01/2005
CO   X X     Expedite             X   Bidders not using Expedite charged $25 10/01/2005
CT   X                     X     10/01/2005
DC   X                     X   Amendment Information sheet on "Solicitation Details" page. No Approved Products List on web site. 10/06/2005
DE   X X     Expedite             X     10/01/2005
FL   X   X   Expedite BE 09/29/2004       X X   All bidders must use Expedite 09/30/2005
GA   X   X   Expedite BE 09/17/1999         X 2 hrs Expedite required for construction contracts > $500k 10/06/2005
HI   X                     X   Bidders borrow plans & specs from DOT. No Approved Products List on web site. 10/05/2005
ID   X       Expedite             X     10/06/2005
IL   X       CBID / Excel             X   Intends to issue an RFP for electronic bidding in July 2005. 10/09/2005
IN   X       Expedite             X     10/09/2005
IA   X   X   Expedite BE 04/03/2001         X   Excellent overview of bidding process 10/09/2005
KS   X X X   Expedite BE 7/19/2006 (T)   X   X X 30 min KsDOT currently testing Bid Express. 04/25/2006
KY   X X     HwyBid             X   Bidders Required to use HwyBid to develop bid 10/09/2005
LA   X X X   Expedite BE 01/25/2006       X X   Bid list only shows apparent low bid. Addenda - list only, no details 02/24/2006
ME   X   X   Expedite BE 07/02/2003         X     10/11/2005
MD   X                     X   Using other modules of TrnsPort Suite - Estimator, BAMS/DSS. MDSHA has legal issues regarding bonding and electronic signatures related to electronic bidding. 09/30/2005
MA   X                     X   10/11/2005
MI         X Expedite BE 11/02/2001 X       X   All projects bid via Internet starting 04/01/2005 10/13/2005
MN   X X   X Expedite BE 01/18/2002 X     X X   Excellent overview of bidding process. MnDOT site lists only an Addenda list. All projects >$5 M bid via Internet 10/14/2005
MS   X X X   MDOT E-Bid MDOT E-Bid     X     X     11/29/2005
MO   X       Expedite         X   X   MODOT is scheduled ot implement electronic bid transmission in January 2007. 06/15/2006
MT   X X X   Expedite BE 07/21/2005         X 1 hr   10/14/2005
NE   X X X   Expedite BE 11/04/2004       X X   Diskette does not include addenda 10/17/2005
NV   X                     X     11/03/2005
NH   X                     X   Interested in future implementation of Expedite & Bid Express. 11/29/2005
NJ         X Expedite BE 08/23/2005         X     05/15/2006
NM   X X X   Expedite BE 12/01/2002         X     03/29/2006
NY   X X     Expedite             X   Post-Qualifies Contractors. May replace CHAMP w/ EBO. Seeking mgmt. approval to implement BE. 03/28/2006
NC         X Expedite BE 11/20/2001   X   X X     03/28/2006
ND   X X X   Expedite BE 02/11/2005     X   X   NDDOT does not maintain an Approved Products List for construction related materials 11/21/2005
OH         X Expedite BE 09/22/2004       X     Online bidding only - May 11, 2005 11/28/2005
OK   X X X   Expedite BE 04/22/2004   X     X   Webcast at (password required) 11/29/2005
OR   X                     X     12/05/2005
PA     X X   ECMS or Expedite ECMS 01/01/2005         X   Has a number of approved product listings, BrIdges, low-volume roads, 03/24/2006
PR   X                     X   Web page in Spanish only 07/01/2005
RI   X X     Quest             X   Bidder Q&A, Bidding info thru No QPL found 04/03/2006
SC X       X Expedite BE 03/12/2002         X   Some bid tab history on Bid Express, but data incomplete. EE not provided 04/20/2006
SD X       X SDEBS USERTrust 01/18/2006       X     Informational copies of electronic plans are available. SD to implement Internet-based system January 2006. 01/17/2006
TN   X X X   Expedite BE 06/03/2005         X     04/19/2006
TX   X       Excel Spread- sheet             X   Publishes engineers estimate at advertisement. 04/19/2006
UT         X UDOT EBS USERTrust 01/07/2003       X   30 min Only registered users may view structural drawings online. 04/19/2006
VT   X X X   Expedite BE 06/06/2003         X     04/18/2006
VA         X Expedite BE 02/11/2002 X     X X   03/09/2005
WA   X X     Ebids             X   EBS Files on CD only 04/17/2006
WV   X X     Expedite       X     X     04/05/2006
WI X X X X   Expedite BE 08/26/2002         X   Bid info on secured area of web site 04/04/2006
WY   X X     Expedite           X X     04/04/2006


  • BE = Bid Express
  • EE = Engineer's Estimate
  • EBS=Electronic Bidding System
  • ALB = Apparent Low Bidder
  • PCC = Portland Cement Concrete

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