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September 2000Publication Number: FHWA-RD-00-061

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Concrete for the 21st Century

Mark your calendars now for the Seventh International Conference on Concrete Pavements, scheduled for September 9-13, 2001, in Orlando, Florida. The conference will feature new technologies related to the design, construction, and rehabilitation of concrete, with the overall theme being the use of concrete in developing long-lasting pavement solutions for the 21st century.

Conference topics will include:

  • High-performance concrete pavements
  • Mechanistic design procedures for new and rehabilitated concrete pavements
  • Prestressed concrete pavements
  • Whitetopping
  • Fast track paving
  • Concrete pavements for high-volume urban highways
  • Concrete pavements for low-volume rural highways
  • Accelerated load testing of concrete pavements
  • Portland cement concrete (PCC) pavement rehabilitation
  • PCC pavement materials
  • Performance-related specification and warranty for PCC pavements

Another conference highlight will be a day of workshops and technical sessions on "Formulating the Long Range Research Needs for PCC Pavements." In addition, an exhibit hall will showcase new products and services.

The conference is designed for Federal, State, and municipal engineers; consulting engineers; contractors; material suppliers; and academics, as well as others involved in concrete pavement design, construction, testing and evaluation, and rehabilitation.

The conference is being organized by the International Society for Concrete Pavements. Cosponsors are the American Concrete Pavement Association, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, Transportation Research Board, Purdue University, Portland Cement Association, Innovative Pavement Research Foundation, Florida Department of Transportation, Florida Concrete and Products Association, World Road Association (PIARC), and Federal Highway Administration.

For more information, contact Shiraz Tayabji at Construction Technology Laboratories, Inc., 410-997-0400 (fax: 410-997-8480; email:; Web:

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