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May 2003Publication Number: FHWA-RD-03-017

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FHWA Technical Service Teams Debut

To better serve its customers and support technology deployment, FHWA has created ten new specialized Technical Service Teams, which will operate out of the agency's four resource center locations in Atlanta, Georgia; Olympia Fields, Illinois; Baltimore, Maryland; and San Francisco, California. Each team will also have technical specialists located across the country in all of the resource center offices. The new structure will allow the teams to provide unified and coordinated assistance nationwide. The team's central locations and national team leaders are:

Atlanta, Georgia

Pavement and Materials— Monte Symons, 708-283-3549 (Temporarily located in the Olympia Fields, Illinois, center until July 2003) (email:

Finance—Thay Bishop, 404-562-3695 (email:

Construction and Project Management—To Be Announced


Olympia Fields, Illinois

Operations—Martin Knopp, 708-283-3514 (email:

Safety and Highway Design—Patrick Hasson, 708-283-3595 (email:


Baltimore, Maryland

Hydraulics and Geotechnical—Peter Osborn, 410-962-0702 (email:

Structures—Shoukry Elnahal, 410-962-2362 (email:


San Francisco, California

Air Quality—Robert O'Loughlin, 415-744-3823 (email:

Environment—Donald Cote, 415-744-2650 (email:

Planning—Lisa Randall, 415-744-2649 (email:

Each resource center office will continue to host a core staff as well, covering such areas as Administration, Civil Rights, Information Analysis, Marketing, Media, Quality and Strategic Planning, and Technology Deployment.

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