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Federal Highway Administration > Publications > Focus > January/February 2004 > FHWA Construction and Project Management Team: Reach for Your Tool Box
January/February 2004Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-04-022

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FHWA Construction and Project Management Team: Reach for Your Tool Box

Now here to provide technical assistance to highway agencies and others and to deliver a tool box of ready-to-implement technologies is the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) new Construction and Project Management Technical Service Team. The team was created to support technology deployment and to better serve a range of transportation customers. Team members represent more than 75 years of combined expert experience.

The team’s tool box of technologies includes design-build contracting, which assigns both design and construction responsibilities to one firm, allowing some construction work to begin before the design is completed. Starting in 1990, States had evaluated the design-build method through FHWA’s Special Experimental Project Number 14 (SEP-14). New regulations released by FHWA in December 2002 now allow the use of design-build contracting for transportation infrastructure projects that are part of the Federal-aid highway program. The team is also focusing on technologies to improve work zone traffic flow and safety, as well as additional alternative contracting methods that aid in accelerating construction projects and reducing work zone accidents.

Headquartered in FHWA’s Resource Center office in Atlanta, Georgia, the team also has technical specialists located across the country. “This structure allows the team to provide unified and coordinated assistance nationwide,” says team leader Rob Elliott.

The team’s goals for 2004 include further developing and deploying the construction/project management tool box, which will include:

  • Tools and processes that improve contract administration and support innovative contracting methods. This includes such strategies as design-build contracting, accelerated construction, lane-rental, and use of warranty specifications.
  • Technologies that improve quality construction and maintenance preservation, such as quality assurance procedures and standards for construction inspection.
  • Technologies that optimize safety and reduce delays in work zones.
  • Tools, processes, and procedures that provide technical assistance for disaster response.

The team is also promoting tools, processes, and procedures that build technical skills in construction and project management. This includes supporting the development and teaching of National Highway Institute and FHWA courses such as Contract Administration Core Curriculum, Reviews That Get Results, Managing Construction Workmanship, and Bridge Construction Inspection.

For assistance or to obtain more information on construction and project management technologies and initiatives, contact one of the team members listed in the sidebar. More information is also available at (look under “Technical Service Teams,” and then select “Construction and Project Management” and click “Go”).

FHWA has created 10 specialized Technical Service Teams in all. Focus will be profiling additional teams throughout the year.

To better serve its customers and support technology deployment, FHWA has created 10 specialized Technical Service Teams, which operate out of the agency’s four resource center locations in Atlanta, Georgia; Olympia Fields, Illinois; Baltimore, Maryland; and San Francisco, California (see May 2003 Focus). The nine additional team’s central locations and national team leaders are:

Atlanta, Georgia

Pavement and Materials—Monte Symons, 404-562-4782 (email: Finance—Thay Bishop, 404-562-3695 (email:


Olympia Fields, Illinois

Operations—Martin Knopp, 708-283-3514 (email: Safety and Design—Patrick Hasson, 708-283-3595 (email:


Baltimore, Maryland

Geotechnical and Hydraulics—Peter Osborn, 410-962-0702 (email: Structures—Shoukry Elnahal, 410-962-2362 (email:


San Francisco, California

Air Quality—Robert O’Loughlin, 415-744-3823 (email: robert.o’ Environment—Donald Cote, 415-744-2650 (email: Planning—Lisa Randall, 415-744-2649 (email:


FHWA Construction and Project Management Technical Service Team

Rob Elliott—Construction and Project Management Team Leader, Atlanta, GA 404-562-3941 (fax: 404-562-3700; email:

Jerry Jones—Construction and Contract Administration Engineer, Fort Worth, TX

817-978-4358 (fax: 817-978-4666; email:


Jerry Blanding—Innovative Contracting Engineer, Baltimore, MD

410-962-2253 (fax: 410-962-4586; email:


Eugene Hoelker—Construction and Contract Administration Engineer, Olympia Fields, IL

708-283-3520 (fax: 708-283-3501; email:

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