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Federal Highway Administration > Publications > Focus > May 1997 > New SHRP Online Discussion Groups Up and Running
May 1997Publication Number: FHWA-SA-97-023

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New SHRP Online Discussion Groups Up and Running

Got a question about anti-icing or another technology? Want to toss some ideas around? Need some advice from someone who's been there? Join the online discussion groups, which connect hundreds of people involved in the development, evaluation, and implementation of key Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) products in an informal electronic network.

The discussion groups are hosted by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT).

There are eight discussion groups:

  • SHRP-the evaluation and implementation database discussion group, for general questions.
  • HPC-high-performance concrete.
  • ASR-alkali-silica reactivity.
  • CONCSTRU-assessment, protection, and rehabilitation of reinforced concrete structures.
  • INNOVMAT-innovative pavement maintenance materials.
  • PAVEPRES-pavement preservation.
  • SUPERPAV-the Superpave system.
  • ANTI-ICE-anti-icing strategies and road weather information systems.

The discussion groups are open to transportation professionals from transportation agencies, industry, and academia. Subscribing is easy (see sidebar). You can subscribe to as many groups as you want, and participation is free.

Once you've signed up, participating in the discussions is as easy as using email. As a subscriber, you can send an email message at any time, and you will automatically receive all messages sent to the discussion group. You decide whether or not to respond. Subscribers can expect to receive up to six or eight messages a day from each discussion group they subscribe to.

To get the groups started, WSDOT "seeded" them with more than 400 people in the highway industry, including members of the SHRP technical working groups, members of the Lead States teams, State SHRP coordinators, and staff at the Superpave centers. The discussion groups went online in March.

For more information on the discussion groups, contact Mark Hambrick at WSDOT (phone: 360-705-7509; fax: 360-705-6889; email:

Here's How It Works

  • Access the Washington State DOT SHRP Evaluation & Implementation Database (
  • Fill out the subscription form.
  • If you don't have access to the World Wide Web, send an email message to In the body of the message, type:

SUBSCRIBE [name of group] [your full name].

For example: SUBSCRIBE SUPERPAV John Doe

  • When you have a question or want to discuss an issue, jot your thoughts down in an email message and send it to:

[name of group]

  • Your message will automatically be sent to everyone in the discussion group. And you'll automatically receive all responses.

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