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October 1999Publication Number: FHWA-RD-99-108

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Highway Technology Calendar

The following events provide opportunities to learn more about Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) products and technologies, as well as other technologies for building better, safer roads.

Rocky Mountain Asphalt User-Producer Group Annual Meeting

October 5-7, 1999, Phoenix, AZ

Contact: Judy Gaines, 303-471-6286 (fax: 303-471-6781; email:

Superpave Construction & Pavement Preservation Strategies Course

October 5-7, 1999, Raleigh, NC

October 12-14, 1999, Orlando, FL

November 15-17, 1999, Denver, CO

This course will provide a basic understanding of the materials, test methods, and processes used in the construction of Superpave pavements.

Contact: Paige Anderson at the Asphalt Institute, 606-288-4964 (fax: 606-288-4999; Web:

Northeast Asphalt User-Producer Group Fall Meeting

October 6-7, 1999, Atlantic City, NJ

Contact: Frank Fee, 610-565-6863 (fax: 610-565-1694; email:

International Conference on Accelerated Pavement Testing

October 18-20, 1999, Reno, NV

The conference will provide a forum for the exchange of technical information on accelerated pavement testing, with an emphasis on techniques for predicting pavement performance, equipment development, and pavement instrumentation. The conference will also feature reports on research projects in Australia, China, Denmark, Holland, New Zealand, and South Africa, among other countries.

Contact: Maria Ardila-Coulson at the University of Nevada-Reno, 775-784-1410 (fax: 775-784-1429; email:; Web:

Conference on Early Lessons from the SHRP SPS-1 and SPS-2 Pavements

November 2-3, 1999, Columbus, OH

Sponsored by the Ohio Department of Transportation, Ohio University, and FHWA, this conference will provide a forum for States to exchange information on how Specific Pavement Studies (SPS) 1 and SPS-2 test sections are performing to date. Conference participants will also have the opportunity to tour the nearby Ohio Test Road and an accelerated pavement load testing facility in Lancaster, Ohio.

Contact: Shad Sargand at Ohio University, 740-593-1467 (fax: 740-593-0625; email:

Superpave Analytical Mixture Design and Construction Course

November 16-17, 1999, Lansing, MI

November 22-23, 1999, Kulpsville, PA

December 14-15, 1999, Hudson, OH

Contact: Paige Anderson at the Asphalt Institute, 606-288-4964 (fax: 606-288-4999; Web:

Superpave Mix Design Course

November 16-19, 1999, Lexington, KY

This course covers the test procedures, calculations, and criteria involved in using the Superpave mix design system. It includes hands-on sample preparation and compaction using the Superpave gyratory compactor.

Contact: Paige Anderson at the Asphalt Institute, 606-288-4964 (fax: 606-288-4999; Web:

Asphalt Mix Design and Analysis Course

December 6-10, 1999, Richmond, CA

The course includes lectures and laboratory demonstrations of the Superpave asphalt mix performance tests, including the Superpave shear test and indirect tensile test. Superpave volumetric design is also briefly covered.

Contact: Larry Santucci at the University of California-Berkeley Pavement Research Center, 510-231-9428 (fax: 510-231-9589; email:

Superpave: Building Roads for the 21st Century

April 10-12, 2000, Denver, CO

Sponsored by the Asphalt Institute and the Federal Highway Administration, this conference is a follow-up to the 1998 "Superpave: Today and Tomorrow" forum in St. Louis, MO. Sessions will focus on materials, design and production, construction and quality control/quality assurance, and performance. Practitioners experienced in the use of the Superpave system will present their findings.

Contact: Paige Anderson at the Asphalt Institute, 606-288-4964 (fax: 606-288-4999; Web:

International Symposium and Innovative Technology Tradeshow 2000: Moving Innovation into Practice for a Sustainable Future

August 14-17, 2000, Washington, DC

This symposium on the design and construction technology of the future will include a special track on transportation infrastructure and public works.

Contact: CERF, 202-842-0555 (fax: 202-789-2943; email:; Web:

Asphalt Technology 2000

December 10-13, 2000, Austin, TX

The conference is designed to provide a forum for transportation professionals and industry representatives to share information on practical engineering solutions to pavement problems. Topics covered will include specifications, pavement maintenance, and state-of-the-art technology.

Contact: Sharon Campos at the University of Texas at Austin, 512-471-3396 (fax: 512-471-0831; email:

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