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Federal Highway Administration > Publications > Public Roads > Vol. 66· No. 3 > Training Update

Nov/Dec 2002
Vol. 66· No. 3

Training Update

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The National Highway Institute (NHI)

901 N. Stuart Street, Suite 300

Arlington, VA 22203

NHI Offers Two New Pavement Courses

Introduction to Mechanistic Design for New and Rehabilitated Pavements (Course #131064)

This course will discuss the theory and application of the most current mechanistic design concepts in use today, covering the status of ongoing research and the impacts that current research activities might have on the state of the practice. Instructors will place particular emphasis on the mechanistic concepts that will be used in the 2002 Pavement Design Guide and form the foundation of the performance prediction models for Superpave pavements. The course also places special emphasis on the data needs of the 2002 Pavement Design Guide (materials, traffic, environment, etc.) and encourages States to begin tracking the data even before the guide is adopted in order to have a historical record.

Pavement Smoothness: Factors Affecting Inertial Profile Measurements for Construction Quality Control (Course #131100)

This course will highlight factors affecting profile results relating to equipment, measurement environment, profiler operation, and profiler operator. Although this course is intended for the construction team, a second course will be developed for equipment technologists and pavement designers.

For scheduling information, contact NHI's course scheduler, Danielle Mathis-Lee at 703-235-0528 or For technical information, contact Ewa Rodzik at 703-235-0524 or

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