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Jul/Aug 2005
Vol. 69 · No. 1

Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-05-006


Direct User Charges

by Daniel L. Dornan and James W. March

Transportation agencies are considering alternative sources of highway revenue to help build new and maintain existing highways.

Making Trails

by Ann H. Do, Joseph E. Hummer, Jennifer L. Toole, and Nagui M. Rouphail

A new tool will help designers evaluate the level of service on shared-use paths.

Preventing Roadway Departures

by Harry W. Taylor

Effective solutions are ready for deployment today, as these State examples show.

Motivating Teens to Buckle Up

by Daniel Berman

Researchers in Rhode Island are promoting increased seatbelt use among high school students.

Safety Scans—A Successful Two-Way Street

by John Baxter, Michael L. Halladay, and Elizabeth Alicandri

International tours glean best technologies and practices from around the globe, and U.S. departments of transportation apply those lessons and offer their own successes.

Where the Dowel Bars Are

by Shreenath Rao

A new quality-assurance tool could help engineers improve the performance of concrete pavements.

Trans-Texas Corridor

by Antonio Palacios

The Lone Star State is pioneering innovative approaches to developing and financing major transportation projects.

Multistate Endeavor to Address Premature Pavement Distress

by Jim Grove, Mark Anderson-Wilk, and Marcia L. Brink

Iowa is leading an effort aimed at increasing the long-term performance and durability of concrete roadways.

Looking to Load and Resistance Factor Rating

by Becky Jaramilla and Sharon Huo

The LRFR process aims to improve the reliability of bridges and increase public safety.

Achieving Concrete's Full Potential

by Theodore R. (Ted) Ferragut, Dale Harrington, and Marcia Brink

The CP Road Map represents a long-term plan for research and technology development for PCC pavements.

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