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Nov/Dec 2005
Vol. 69 · No. 3

Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-05-001


On the Road to Environmental Excellence

by Patricia A. Cazenas

FHWA honors the 2005 award-winning transportation projects and the people who protect or enhance natural and community resources.

The Future of Highway Financing

by Jim March

FHWA convened a roundtable of transportation finance and policy experts to discuss highway financing options.

Looking Out for Pedestrians

by Tamara Redmon

FHWA is evaluating new technologies and techniques to determine how well they improve safety.

Weathering the Storm

by Roemer M. Alfelor

Guidance is now available for siting sensor stations that collect data on weather conditions on or near road surfaces.

Learning from Disaster

by Steve Jacobitz

Florida's 2004 hurricane season provides a number of lessons for improving transportation preparations and response.

Working With the Private Sector to Meet Transportation Goals

by Jim March

A panel discussion explored increasing the use of public-private partnerships for highway projects.

Formula for Success

by Jim Sorenson

Asset management equals oversight plus accountability, sound engineering, and economic decisionmaking.

The "TIMED" Is Now

by Dana Newsome and Buddy Porta

Innovative contracting promises to expedite completion of major transportation projects in Louisiana by 2010.

Applying LCCA to Bridges

by Adel Al-Wazeer, Bobby Harris, and Christopher Nutakor

This economic analysis tool can help determine the best option for infrastructure projects by calculating the lowest cost over their life cycles.

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