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Sept/Oct 2006
Vol. 70 · No. 2

Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-2006-006


In Step With Safety

by Tamara Redmon and Charles Zegeer

FHWA offers new guidance and technical assistance to help States develop action plans to protect pedestrians.

High-Tech in the Far West

by Kevin Benedict

The Idaho Transportation Department taps into wireless technology for collecting and reporting data on maintenance at rest stops.

Turning Young Drivers Into Survivors

by Kenneth S. Opiela, Bradley M. Sant, and James A. Childers

A new FHWA outreach campaign educates teens on work zone safety.

Low Cost, High Return

by Dean M. Larsen, Fred N. Ranck, and John McFadden

Kentucky's Safety Circuit Rider program is delivering roadway improvements through economical methods.

Recycling From Rhodes to Reefs

by Daniel J. Berman

A walk-through of the SEIS on the demolition of the old Jamestown Bridge over Narragansett Bay demonstrates how debris can be reused as habitats for marine life.

Are Two Coats As Effective As Three?

by Shuang-Ling Chong and Yuan Yao

This research studies two-step painting systems as a possible alternative for protecting steel bridges and overpasses from corrosion.

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