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Mar/Apr 2007
Vol. 70 · No. 5

Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-07-003


Old World Ways

by C.G.B. "Kit" Mitchell

Roadway designs in Britain and other European countries emphasize maintaining the safety and mobility of older pedestrians.

New Lime Test for Hot Mix Asphalt Unveiled

by Terry S. Arnold, Jenny Rozario, and Jack Youtcheff

FHWA researchers have devised a test to measure lime in asphalt, promising greater pavement longevity and lower costs to all concerned.

Better Options For Older Adults

by Helen Kerschner and Joan Harris

Local planners are establishing supplemental transportation programs nationwide to help meet the needs of the growing senior population.

Creep and Recovery

by John A. D'Angelo, Raj Dongré, and Gerald Reinke

A new FHWA test offers a faster, cheaper method for ensuring adequate elastomeric polymer content in asphalt binders.

Understanding Freight Bottlenecks

by Karen White and Lance R. Grenzeback

FHWA is studying traffic jams that increase the trucking industry's transportation costs.

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