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May/Jun 2007
Vol. 70 · No. 6

Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-07-004


High-Performance Highways

by Patrick DeCorla-Souza

Pricing may be one solution to managing congestion on the transportation network, with implications for financing tomorrow's infrastructure.

Bridging the Data Gaps

by Hamid Ghasemi

FHWA is embarking on a 20-year effort to collect more and better bridge data to improve management now and far into the future.

Testing Bottomless Culverts

by Kornel Kerenyi and Jorge Pagán-Ortiz

The Maryland State Highway Administration and FHWA partnered to study the effects of scour on these environmentally friendly and economic roadway structures.

A Call To Action

by David G. Burwell

The citizens of New Hampshire write a long-range transportation plan to address congestion, land use, and related issues.

Virtual Highways — A Vision of the Future

by Amit Armstrong and Kevin Gilson

FHWA demonstrated new visualization technologies for a roadway design process in Montana to improve project delivery time.

Coordinating Section 4(f) Compliance

by Kevin J. Starner and Lamar S. Smith

Given SAFETEA-LU's changes to the law for evaluating projects that involve publicly owned property, consultation is the key more than ever.

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